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  1. Hey Guys, started working on my Second lincoln, but before i start work wanted to know what the year of my car would be and also any other nomenclature before i start ordering parts thank so much
  2. thank you guys, any leads for a rubber weatherstrip kit for the car regards, Allan
  3. Hi, we recently imported 3 lincolns into India one is a 46 which i have started working on and the rest two are 47s for the 46 the vin number reads as H148401 and body tag reads as 5EH 77 3222 what exact year woudlk the car be and what body style, its a coupe. but im confused whether there are different styles to it i need to order a rubber kit for the car, any leads to where i would get a complete weather strip kit would be great thank you so much, attaching a picture of the car
  4. Thanks Guys, Will click some detailed pictures of the engine compartment, interior and rear boot tom,, regards, Allan
  5. Hi Guys, so the project got completed and according to me she has come out well Hope you guys like her as well thank you once again to Mr Earl and all the other Member on the forum that have been a great help enjoy the pictures, regards, Allan
  6. hi guys, can anyone help me with the spare wheel after i place the spare wheel and insert the locking bolt. does there have to be a round plate with a wind nut or just a wing nut pictures of a correct mouting would be really appreciated thanks in advance regards, Allan
  7. HI, i have been trying to search for the rubber weather strip for the side rear glasses....the fixed glasses any leads as this is urgent thanks a ton
  8. thanks John shes now nearing completion and should be complete in a few days hopefully
  9. HI Guys, need some help again as the car is coming near to completion have attached 3 pictures sill plate: the picture attached is of a sill plate i have purchased which fits correctly....only problem it is plain without any design..should there bee any kind of design on the 55 roadmaster and if yes what kind Rear trunk light as you can see from the picture the rear trunk bulb is exposed , is this how it should be or should there be a cap on it..please advise fuel cap inside as you can see in the picture , there is a gap around the fuel pipe coming from the trunk and the the body fender inside, should there be a rubber around this? please let me know and if yes,m any links to sourcing one thanks in advance guys regards Allan
  10. Quick Question What Color should the Gearbox be painted in ? regards, Allan
  11. Hi Guys, need some urgent questions answered please i am painting the car a metallic shade, what color should be in the interior inside and in the rear boot, should it be the same metallic or the same shade in solid the bottom cut shade, where should the color end in the doors, should it travel inside to the door ledge or end in the outer body only the convertible roof, what is the period correct material to use car is going in for final paint tomorrow hence the urgency thanks a lot in advance regards, Allan
  12. well we have gone a bit bizarre , but hoping that it will look good. Final color combination will be copper above and cream below still need to figure whether to use a golden tan or cream top ... need some help: the chassis in the engine bay, should it be a semi glossy black or a glossy black. ?? need to know this Earl: Sir, thank you very much, but managed to get the locating pin from Windsofchange and luckily my dash is also being reconditioned, so eagerly awaiting. Wishing you a speedy recovery sir. regards, Allan
  13. yayyyyyyyy... finally took a call and decided not to paint the car black and do a two tone.. super excited now any guesses for the final color combination we gonna paint it
  14. got my mock up done in the boot i found this rear interior light , does this stay this way exposed or is it supposed to have a cover on it also see these two screws next to the lock, there should be a locating pieces here for closing the boot, would anyone have this and help me thanks in advance regards, Allan
  15. keeping this as my last resort, cause restoring them specially the long curved portions is gonna be quite a task
  16. Hi guys Just started restoring a 1958 Edsel Villager. have attached a few pictures, trying to locate a pair of tail lights an back up lenses for the same will keep posting pictures of the restoration
  17. Finally was not a rainy day today, so got the car out to check how she will look with the black and chrome not all the exterior trims re made here itself now to do a final check with the parts fitting and then take her for final Paint have to do all the upholstery too my car came with a gold plated front grill. Was this a normal accessory ? Mr Earl ? i think ill stick to the hub cabs rather then the steel wire wheels, though i need a set of centre medallions for my hubcaps. another addition to the parts list ;-) hope you guys are liking how she is coming out
  18. need some help guys. the rear trunk "roadmaster" script i have been trying with all my strength, but haven'y had any luck so i am finally going to try and make it myself in house., like i did all the trims. i need someone with the same script to please give me the dimensions so i can try and copy it i need three dimension exact width.....from the R to the r line edges the height of capital R and the height of small a thank you in advance regards, Allan
  19. this year thanks , will once speak to doug as well
  20. so we finished a final guide coat in black to check the lines and levels. since most trims were hand fabricated and copper and chrome plated in house. we will now start a mock fitting of every part on the car. Make a final listing of missing parts and then finally remove them all out and go for the final paint. we are still debating the final colour and upholstery pattern and color too. lets see where this heads. Have to get her finished by November. a big thank you to everyone whos helping me source parts. i have the original hub cups, but they are missing the center medallions. so those are on the to find list as well. thank you Pilgrim for your kind words. really hope she turns out a stunner, regards, Allan
  21. cars off to paint and items are getting copper plated and then to chrome got most of the items as well thanks to this wonderful forum only items i am still hunting for are the antenna and the rear "roadmaster " script if you guys come across these anyways do message me please. will post a few pics this evening
  22. Me Earl, thanks again, have emailed you details, please do have a look when free regards, Allan