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  1. Am just slightly curious as to Chassis markings. I notice that Bill has an S in a circle on his chassis, as do I; is this just a standard thing? Does it have any meaning? Should there be any other chassis markings anywhere else to uncover?
  2. Curious as to whether the axle on my CJ is an original CJ axle, any help appreciated. I have 6 stud 19" wires and get about 2.1 turns at the prop from one rotation of the wheel. Cheers
  3. yeah there is a patch you can see from the underside of the fender. Its got the same on both sides too.
  4. Its official, I'm the proud owner of alot of bits... rusty bits. Finally got the body off my CJ: Pre lift... After the lift... Would really appreciate if anyone out there knows whatever this might have once been, what it was used for, what it should look like as someone has cut the part off and I'm not sure what it did, see pic below... This is on the outside of the chassis, hidden by the "skirt" over the chassis. On the opposite side of this is where the rubbers are attached to the inside of the chassis to receive the bellhouse. Anyone got any thoughts? Looks like whoever cut a part of it off made a real mess... annoying. Plenty to be getting on with over Christmas then!
  5. I've got to concur with Bill, even my coupe has a copper brake line and steel gas line. Unfortunatley I have no vacuum lines because someone butchered in a Lucas electric wiper motor. Perhaps they couldn't put up with no wiper action while going up steep hills?Hey Bill, hope its not too cheeky to ask but could you forward me those factory pics of the DeSoto? dudford@hotmail.com
  6. I geared up this weekend to get the '30 Chrysler CJ body prepped for lifting off the chassis, didnt happen though... not enough hours in the day on saturday and family event on Sunday. Oh well, theres always next weekend. Amongst alot of problems I had, just getting to the bolts under the front cowl was a nightmare. A previous owner had poured concrete into the gaps around the bolts. Infuriating to say the least! While persuading the bolts to release from the body/chassis I discovered something I thought a little strange. The tub and floor are mounted on a wooden frame on top of the chassis. Is this the same for all cars of this period? You can see here where I cut a portion of very rotten floor away which revealed the wooden beam sitting on the chassis rail. Is this a sound deadening measure? Should I replace the same?
  7. While I'm in the tear down stages of restoring my CJ Im researching as much as I can. Ideally I'm looking for photos of how the Steering Box, Pitman Arm and drag link are all placed on the car as I will probably have to fabricate or match as close as I can to the original owing to lack of parts in UK. The previous owner used a Rolls Royce Steering Box, mounted it on top of the chassis rail and butchered the fenders to fit in the pitman arm and drag link through it.
  8. thats on at about £750 ($1,225) with about 3 days to go... I wish I was in the US sometimes. For what I can see, its the kind of thing I like so I'd pay up to £1,250 ($2,000) before I stopped bidding. Funny thing is, as with anything for sale, its worth whatever someone is prepared to pay and that could sky rocket out of control. Sometimes I hate Ebay, gone are the days when you find something and haggle a steal.
  9. Yeah, love it, good luck with that! Jealous of that Walter Chrysler Plate, wish mine had something that pretty on it!What are those tyres though, they are BIG! Off roading in mind?
  10. Are there any compatible 16" Wire Wheels that would be compatible to my 1930 Chrysler CJ 6 stud hubs? I already have 19"s but prefer the look of a smaller wire (like a Kelsey Hayes), or am i just imagining that with 19" wires it looks like a pig on stilts?
  11. I am rebuilding a Chrysler CJ Coupe I found here in the United Kingdom and would like to restore as much original, or near to, parts as I can. Thanks for any help. Please reply here or at my email dudford@hotmail.com
  12. I've begun the process of breaking down my 1930 CJ and am documenting & photographing pretty much everything as I go. So far I've stripped the front end off and will be moving on to the tub. Before I start that I'm now thinking about taking out the wooden frame coachbuilding, photographing it and planning its complete rebuild in ash. With that in mind, would anyone have any of the coachbuilders plans from this process? I'm under no illusion that they might not exist but perhaps someone has made their own? My body was built by Briggs Mfg Co which I've spent days reading about though I think most bodies would be mainly similar to Murray etc unless built by Locke which seemed a little fancy. Heres some pics of my progress: Chassis rails at the front are really quite thin, these will be mended. There is a little bit of damage to the firewall from where the previous owner cut it up installing the Plymouth engine. If anyone has a CJ with original firewall i would love to see a photo so i know how to repair it. This is the body number identifying it as a Briggs body. Any info, photos or drawings anyone has for a Chrysler CJ coupe with rumble seat would be a great help as I've decided to restore this old girl to her former glory. Additionally, if anyone in the UK has knowledge of the whereabouts or even has an original saleable 1930 Chrysler era engine (a stab in the dark I know) I would love to know too. Thanks! Dudley
  13. Hi Rich, Thanks for that, good to know. Seeing as you have one and run it in your truck, what's it like? I'm guessing they're pretty torquey in the low end with a top speed of 45?
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