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Nice 1938 Packard on my walk...


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Yep, a nce one. You captured all the details differentiating the '38 from '39 - hood ornament, painted dash, trim running from windshield divider right up to the roof, and I believe the tail lights are a bit different.

I am not sure about the steering wheel, looks like an earlier one to me as I thought the '38 - 39 banjo is the same but I could be wrong there.

Nice looking car; reminded me I need the accessory exhaust extension, I have a generic on mine... :D

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Yeah, I am not sure what's going on with those tail lights - there appears to be a little light on top that I cannot tell is part of the housing or not? Added turn signals??

West, I understand a few '39s had floor shifters. I missed the trunk light though - a sharp eye indeed!

Marty, you have room under your tree for another car?? :D

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