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Reatta die-cast?


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A question that just occurred to me, and have never seen addressed here is:

Did anyone (like Hot Wheels or Matchbox) ever do a small die-cast model of the Reatta? I've never seen one, but wasn't looking back when the cars were new and a small die-cast one was likely to have been made. For that matter, did anyone do a larger one, like 1 1:18 or 1:25 scale?

Just wondering, as if there is, I would probably go looking for one. I already have the larger plastic promotional model, and it is very nice. Always thinking about other possible collectibles however.


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Ah the pewter model. Would kind of like one, but will not make it a search for the holy grail. I know some really covet this piece, and maybe I am too quick to discount it. All I know is it appears more difficult to find (and nearly as expensive) as the 3' lighted dealer sign. And that latter item is much more visually impressive IMO.

While the "funny car" is not really what I was hoping for, it is a piece of Reatta history nonetheless. I have seen posters of this car on ebay, but never realized it was made as a die-cast model. Probably could be had relatively cheap if it can be found, since it is not a pure-bred representation of the Reatta.

I would love to see a 1:18 scale die-cast done in high quality, but the presently narrow appeal of this car probably rules out that possibility. I was skulking in the Rivi forum recently, and saw some discussion on the subject there, and how difficult it was to get a model of a mid-60's Riviera (forget exact year now) approved for production. I don't know how popular that car is with collectors, but guessing a bit more than the Reatta at this point. So, getting one done of the Reatta is likely an uphill battle. I would welcome the opportunity to be proven wrong on that of course.


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And that 1/18 model would have door, hood and trunk that would open. The wheels would steer and they might even make the headlight open (April fools)

We only know of 4 models, if you include the "funny car" which takes some imagination to visualise as a Reatta.

(1) is the red plastic factory sponsored model. There are plenty of these around and there is usually a couple on Ebay.

(2) pewter model that was an award piece within Buick. It came on a walnut stand with mirror under the car so you could see the highly detailed underside.

(3) a very rare custom made model that was given to Buick people that worked on the original release program. The cars were given by Hawtal Whiting Design & Engineering Co Ltd in Pitsea England to Buick people that worked with them on the prototype cars and are slightly larger than the pewter model but smaller than the red plastic car. These cars are probably hand built and painted in detail and displayed on a wood base with a plaque. Note they even had a pinstripe.

(4) the Hot Wheels "funny car"

Attached are pictures of the pewter model with the model from




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What is with the rear window on the pewter model ? Looks more like a convertible rear deck.

There is no glass (plastic) window where the back glass would go on the pewter model. It does look strange from the rear, and it also looks strange from the front. Its funny how glass changes the way a car looks

Chuck Kerls

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