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Brass foundry needed


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I'd also like to know about this foundry. Do they pour true Yellow brass? Most foundries are no longer doing it due to EPA rules. What most are offering is a different alloy now that has a more reddish hue when polished (no, it's not the same as bronze alloys). Also, can this foundry do a good job with loose patterns, or must they have board-mounted patterns? What has been your experience with smaller type items and retaining good detail, i.e. sharp corners/edges, etc.? Thank you.

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We work closely with a local foundry that does silicon bronze, aluminum and cast iron. They have done hundreds and hundreds of castings for us, everything from brass era car parts to 16 cylinder Caddy and Packard parts, virtually all using original pieces as patterns. We take in original pieces from those needing such castings, repair the pattern as needed, elongating the pattern if finished size is critical and do any necessary machining. Sand castings is generally not appropriate for highly detailed parts. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find foundries that will work with original pieces. PM me if we can be of service.

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