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  1. I have a customer that would ,like to have me make up a few 1930 REO radiator caps. What I need is to find one that is in good to poor condition to use for a pattern. I would buy one or if someone wants to lend me one, I will make a copy for them and return both as payment.
  2. Thanks for looking. I found one in Florida. .
  3. I am looking for the door open regulator for the 1930 to 35 doors with the screw-in retainer for the opener handle. REO and other GM cars used them. I need the part of the regulator that the handle retainer screws into. I will post a picture soon. Here is a pictuire of a REO handle.
  4. Do you just need the gears and not the shafts? The gears are easy to reproduce. Want to send me a gear to check out?
  5. Could also be a wood pattern for a brass casting.
  6. Don't see why silicone Dot 5 wouldn't work. Used it in my 1933 Chevy for over 30 years with no problem. Street rod, not original cable brakes.
  7. Coley

    Hood Script

    Got a picture or an original?
  8. I used to make some like them for 1946-48 Fords.
  9. I use PayPal for most of my selling and buying on eBay. The only thing I found out about them recently is that after eBay says a deal is too old to request q refund, PayPal will let them ask for a refund for unto 6 MONTHS!! That to me stinks as they could ruin a part and still claim a refund..
  10. I have a customer that needs a good lock cylinder and key for a 1935 REO . There are probably other cars that use the same lock. Anyone know of a locksmith that deals in these older locks?? The cylinder is 1/2" in diameter and total length is 1 3/4" .
  11. I am wondering what your car is. I have had a 1933 Chevy 3 window coupe (no rumble seat trunk), for over 50 years. I see a 1933 hood ornament but a lot of differences. Nice car.
  12. I have been making up door handles for the 1931+ REOs and have come up with a way to replace the factory retainers without ruining the original handles. I know other auto makers used the same type of retainers and they are often broken. They were pressed onto the handle over a thin washer. I have come up with a way to replace them with a snap ring. Here are a couple pictures of the retainers (both plain and the decorative style). The decorative retainers are made to match your original style and either nickle plated or chromed. If anyone is interested, just let me know. Greg Coleman/Chevi Shop Custom Casting ,.
  13. Thanks for all the replies. I am going to repair it and see if it will sell.
  14. Thanks. I realize that..... Just wondered what the tag might have been on the front.