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  1. Hi, Did you used to be into the tri 5 Chevies and then go to juke boxes? First name Mike??? Greg Coleman from Illinois.
  2. I have had 3 times when eBay paid the buyer with their own money and told me he was a repeat jerk. It didn't go against my seller record. PayPal however, will refund money even after 6 months.
  3. I talked to the nicest lady from eBay about setting up my account. She told me I couldn't use the account at my bank that has been my PayPal deposit account. I went to the trouble to set up a new checking account just for eBay. I asked her how she could be so helpful and nice on the phone dealing with eBay's changes. She told me that is a lot less fun dealing with customer complaints. After many calls of which I can't call them, but they can call me on that same number. I was told that it would be fine. Guess where they sent the first and all the payments....Yup, the original PayPal bank account. No way to contact them and I still get this in red letters.... "You need to update your account details on file in order to avoid any issues with payouts in the future. Update account details". eBay used to be fun 18 years ago, but not now. They just want to keep more of the 14.2 % expenses and cut PayPal out. My dealers can still pay me with PayPal, so can still buy on eBay and other businesses. I bought a lifetime membership to EBID 10 years ago, but my items are not good sellers on there. You can list as many items as you want on EBID for free. When something sells, the commission is only 3%! Plus your listings go on until it sells. They also let you use PayPal!!
  4. If is just overspray, use a brushon paint remover in light coats. Even a graffiti remover may work.
  5. Many years ago, I watched a man named Ray Zund of Dixon Illinois, straighten one of those on a cement floor with a block of wood and a BIG hammer. He only took about 1 hour and he had it as flat as new. I still don't know how he made look so easy.
  6. Spray the whole face white and then after it is dry, rub lightly with a fine rubbing compound and a firm cloth pad.
  7. It is untrue that pot-metal (ZA alloys) had too much zinc in them. I learned from an old caster that the problem with zinc die cast parts is that when they were running, if the surface didn't look good enough, the foreman of the shop would reach into his pocket and drop some lead into the pot of melted metal to smooth up the surface. The flaws you see 70+ years later are from the lead NOT the zinc. I start my melts with almost pure zinc and add aluminum pop cans and copper wire to give the castings a much better surface look and good strength. Zinc will dissolve cast iron, copper and aluminum among others. The problem with welding up die-cast is the old lead, not the zinc. Pot-metal Restorations in Florida used to use the baby shoe approach to repairing die-cast parts. They would use a copper spray coating over body filler and fiberglass repair to put a nice chrome finish on parts. I make repairs to old die-cast parts for my plater, which I have used for over 45 years. Not fun stuff to work with, but it can be done.
  8. A picture of the other side would be nice...
  9. On my 1933 3 window Chevy coupe Street Rod, I had it happen one day with a friend along. I had just put new king pins and tie rod ends. I had adjusted the steering gearbox and all was well. The wobble started at around 35 mph. It had done it before and if I sped up it went away. This time the car shook so bad, we could NOT even see out of it!! I hit the brakes and my friend wanted to walk back to town!! I took it to an old shop and asked what might be causing it. He told me to remove the old lever shocks and put regular shocks on the front axle. I put a pair of Dodge pickup truck cast iron braces on it and new regular shocks and it never did it again. At the Cordova drag strip it ran 101 mph in 14 flat with not a quiver. I have a friend that had a 1975 Chevy dually that he never could get the wobble out of. I was doing front end alignment work at the Chevy garage in Sterling and never ran across it there.
  10. I too, thought about trying to make the springs, but they are so darn strong and small that I gave it up for now Casting the bases has been a challenge, but they are coming out nice. I cast the 3/8 cross hole for the arms and the 7/16' threaded hole for the spring, copper part and the screw. The brass arms are being cast by a foundry that I use. I tried a die-mold spring co and they had a setup cost of $600.00 to make some up. They had nothing less than 1" long. If you find a supplier, please let me know. Greg
  11. I am reproducing the sun visor hinge sets for the REO sedans. What I need to know is if any other car used this bracket. The main thing that is hard to find is the small strong spring that keeps tension on the visor arm to hold it in position. I am making all the other parts shown in the following picture.
  12. LOL .........Thanks for the help. We finally got a picture............ It is advertised as an open touring car, on marketplace and as a 1931 Chevy. After getting the picture....it is a sedan body with the roof cut off. Not much of a good deal. Thanks again.
  13. We found an old GM car with wood wheels and a six cylinder engine. Not Chevy The tag says: JOB 31301 Body 7344' Any idea what it is? Will get a picture later.
  14. I have a customer that would ,like to have me make up a few 1930 REO radiator caps. What I need is to find one that is in good to poor condition to use for a pattern. I would buy one or if someone wants to lend me one, I will make a copy for them and return both as payment.
  15. Thanks for looking. I found one in Florida. .
  16. I am looking for the door open regulator for the 1930 to 35 doors with the screw-in retainer for the opener handle. REO and other GM cars used them. I need the part of the regulator that the handle retainer screws into. I will post a picture soon. Here is a pictuire of a REO handle.
  17. Do you just need the gears and not the shafts? The gears are easy to reproduce. Want to send me a gear to check out?
  18. Could also be a wood pattern for a brass casting.
  19. Don't see why silicone Dot 5 wouldn't work. Used it in my 1933 Chevy for over 30 years with no problem. Street rod, not original cable brakes.
  20. Coley

    Hood Script

    Got a picture or an original?
  21. I used to make some like them for 1946-48 Fords.
  22. I use PayPal for most of my selling and buying on eBay. The only thing I found out about them recently is that after eBay says a deal is too old to request q refund, PayPal will let them ask for a refund for unto 6 MONTHS!! That to me stinks as they could ruin a part and still claim a refund..
  23. I have a customer that needs a good lock cylinder and key for a 1935 REO . There are probably other cars that use the same lock. Anyone know of a locksmith that deals in these older locks?? The cylinder is 1/2" in diameter and total length is 1 3/4" .
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