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Good luck at Hershey!


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I just wanted to wish all of you folks who are going to Hershey this year the best of luck in their travels and in finding those elusive parts for your projects. It has been way too many years since I have been there. One of these days I'll make it again. Most of all, have fun and enjoy the event. John

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Perfect Weather -- can't make a row without running into friends, and lovin' it.

More meetings than shopping


'34 BUICK -- thanks to BARRY EASH ! ( and 2 spares, too!!)

Got a great hug from Shoprat

Worked in Membership Booth Yesterday

Meetingsf or Oakland Owners club yesterday

Drove cars through the RM Auction last night -- they fed us good Pizza - YEAY !!

Buzzards Breath Touring Region Meetings today

Wish y'allwere here to enjoy

and hopefully get to Car Corral

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I've filled my cart both full days. Sadly today is our last. I have 3/4 of the day to shop. Still haven't bought my Auburn but who knows. I got some great leads from a lady in the ACD tent . I bought an interesteing piece of wall art I'll post later.

Having a great time. Wish all that couldn't make it were here.

I even found some parts for my own car.

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Just back from a great couple of days at Hershey. Got there Wednesday morning, and just started walking--made it thru the car corral, plus orange and green fields. Then the same yesterday, covering all of the red and chocolate fields. Wow, that's a lot of walking. Not too many "finds"--mostly just being there, seeing old friends, cars, and "stuff," and just taking in the "Hershey Aura." Biggest score was an old "Belltown Antique Auto Club" brass car badge--that's some serious Connecticut car club memorabilia right there! Also a Pinto script *without* the pony tail busted off! Ha ha! A few miscellaneous old plates for the garage, etc., too. Oh, and also made our "traditional" Dietrich's stop in Krumsville, both going there, and on the way back--we had great sandwiches for field-walking with Dietrich's cold cuts, and our freezer at home is now stocked also! Even in its abbreviated form, we had a TREMENDOUS time, and thank everyone from the Hershey Region and AACA in general for their fantastic work!


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Guest Stonefish

two days of swap...ready for the show tomorrow...weather could not be any better! Thought it was funny that I found exactly what I was looking for in the last row for the day!!

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...Thought it was funny that I found exactly what I was looking for in the last row for the day!!

So you're going to leave us in suspense now Ron about what "it" was that you found?!

Seriously, sorry we missed running into good friends like you, and Charlier, and Jim Siegfried, and others this year--and hope to be back to our normal level of Hershey Hijinks in 2012!

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I just returned home. I think it was my best Hershey yet. The weather was spectacular. I filled my truck, Literally. I'll post photos tommorrow. The sad part is it's all over for another year. I even found my Auburn, Well sort of. A big thanks to the members and volunteers that put it on. It's the best old car event in the world!!!!

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