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  1. Can't wait. Leaving Sat. morning 4:30ish which should get me there with a big cup of coffee in time to watch the show cars enter the field around daybreak.
  2. You may also want to post over on www.V8Buick.com
  3. Ted that makes two of us. Should you decide to do this I'm in too.
  4. David looks like I will be making it to Hershey, so if it's not too late. 1 with user name DugsSin please. See ya Sat. morning.
  5. Very interested in your brake kit. Who did you get it from as I think my master cylinder will need to be replaced too if they offer a correct one. Is there a difference between manual and power brake setups with these kits? Need to do a little research on what else might be needed. Thanks Doug
  6. Welcome to the wonderful world of "Nailheads" Sounds like you have found a real jem. Post a pic when you can. To answer your question about the pushrods yes they are a modified version. Stock will have no adjuster nuts on them. Glad to hear your Pertronix unit it working well. Some of us love em others do not. You may want to carry an emergency set of replacement points with you just in case of unit failure.
  7. Always room for another car nut. Welcome back. Doug (Exit 7A)
  8. Is there a website where I could see a picture of this lift or do you have any way of posting a couple of pics of it? Thanks, Doug
  9. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Mike where in CA are you going? There's a short block motor in Fremont I would love to have hauled back East. </div></div> Well I've been informed that I'm second in line for this shortblock. Can't imagine #1 passing up such a great deal.
  10. Mike where in CA are you going? There's a short block motor in Fremont I would love to have hauled back East.
  11. These look like 14 X 6 rims with a 5 X 4.75" bolt circle. What size are the tires?
  12. I have only seen one of the panels for around the rear tail lights. You could buy another car cheaper. Get a parts car, make them yourself or have them made. Chevy parts are NOT the same. Don't we just love our Buicks
  13. I was impressed with the number of cars on the show field and in the car corral. My passion is Buicks and there were plenty to look at. Had a good day even in the pouring rain. I looked to see if there was a DF meeting by around 1:ish but had to use the facilities so wouldn't have stayed long anyway. A HUGE thanks to Steve M. & his staff for helping me with my parts dilema. A real classy guy. Doug U.
  14. 300 BUCKS Jeff you stole it. That would be a good price for a set of Buick aluminum valve covers today. If you run across that kind of deal again don't pass it up. Best of luck to you! Doug "I need a 425 too"
  15. Bryan glad you have decided to attend, you'll never forget your first time. Hershey aka Chocolate Town aka Hershey Park is what your final destination is. Yes the girls can take the chocolate tour, it's right there, or do the outlet mall which has in the past been a parking yard for the car corral so you can take one of the shuttle busses to and from if you don't want to walk to it. You will see some of the best cars from the 20's & 30's there. Where to stay? If money is no object go to the Hershey Hotel and you probably won't see your wife and daughter for the rest of the time. These is "The" classy place. Probably booked till 2011 and very $$$$$ We stayed about 8 miles North of Hershey off Exit 77 of I-81. Country Inns & Suites. Close enough but not too far away and a very easy commute back and forth. See you next year, Doug BCA 33850
  16. If they still have motors in them I would like some more info. Thanks.
  17. If you have to choose between the two it would be Hershey hands down every time for me. We used to go to both every year but have stopped going to Carlisle and really don't miss it. Hershey is where the "big money" shows their cars. Since you mention you like the older stuff Hershey has your name all over it. They have tons of the older stuff. You might as well make your reservations for 2006 cause you will be back. Don't even think you can walk it in one day and it would be wise to get a program which has a map and index to the vendors and what they sell. On Saturday the car show is beyond belief. Be there before sunrise to get a seat for the "Grand Entrance" as the show cars take to the show field. So many million dollar vehicles it makes your head spin. One other thing if your lucky enough to get your hands on a "wooden nickle" take it. You'll have to atttend if you don't understand.
  18. We spend around and hour in the market, much more efficent for me to shop on the web. Another hour or two looking at the cars for sale. Then the rest of the day is spent on the show field. So many stunning vehicles we sometimes almost forget to eat. I will agree that the most impressive part of the day is watching,hearing, smelling and cheering the entrance made by them all. To see two and three generations of a family riding in their pride and joy can give you goose bumps. See ya on the show field!
  19. Thank you all. Steve I will call you probably Wed evening?? Should be home by then. I'm still waiting on the sellers return message.
  20. If someone who is going to be at Hershey on Thursday until Saturday morning I would like to ask you a favor. I have a fellow who has a back window for my '57 Roadmaster but can only go to show on Thursday. I can only be there on Saturday. Soooo if someone would be willing to just hold this until I arrive on Saturday. I will arrange payment somehow with him if we can work this part out first. I just need someone to give it a safe place to stay until I can get there on Sat. We are both coming from opposite directions so this seemed like a good place to meet. Thanks in advance. Doug
  21. Well my stock 65-401 has 19-20 at idle in gear and around 22 just driving around.
  22. What are you asking for the hood hinges and the 15" rallys? Where are they located? Thanks.
  23. Looking forward to more info and pics. Any idea when it was last started?
  24. The stock Carter AFB's were rated at 625 cfm so you may want to reconsider the 500's. Edelbrock makes a nice 650, I am going with 2 of them. My understanding of the Offy manifold is that you may be disappointed with its performance if you bolt in on untouched. I've heard that Jim Burek at www.paeenterprises.com has been able to significantly improve their performance. Keep us informed of your build-up.
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