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  1. what manufacthure made the first woodie?
  2. do you have to own a motorhome to park close to the swap meet? theres no parking for close to the swap meet fields if drive a car the white field is closed to all but rv's ,you have to park what seams like a mile away just to go to the fields,not good if you go to buy,who thought thise up? i guess if you come to camp your takin care of but if you come to buy who cares just start walkin. GOOD JOB AACA.
  3. what waighting list? they sell spots on a first come first serve,the paved spots im shure are sold out but you can still get one.its turning more into a camping trip for some so called venders, and those venders that do sell thats great you make herhey worth it, and what abought the rain? parts have been around over 50 years and the rain hasnt hurt them,and how can we stick around and see what happends to parts in the rain when you pack up.
  4. i remember when the fields wear all dirt and if it rained the venders stayed open, now 95% of the field is paved and it rains the venders go home. i had fun walking the fields today and looking at all the empty spots and closed up venders,what do you do when it rains at home? stay home from work?
  5. the kits are $25.00+$5.00 if you email me at i will send you a flyer with all the info you need.
  6. we have rebuild kits for the stewart vacuum fuel tanks, these are the same kits as sold by the former Hotchkiss Vacuum Tank Service. we also restore and sell restored tanks. (
  7. i have 600+ tanks in stock ready to be restored,stewart, kingston, sparten and a few others, if we dont have it then its probaly not out there. we only sell restored tanks. H&D tanks (
  8. yes i have a few of them,im presently restoring a real nice one should be done in abought a week, if interested email me at (
  9. if interested i have several kingston, sparton, stewart and a few other brands. (
  10. we now have rebuild kits for the stewart vacuum gasoline system, kits include 2-diecut gaskets,2-stainless springs,8-stainless screws with stainless washers, copy of instructions on how the system works,care and repair of system and parts list. WE CAN ALSO REBUILD YOUR PUMP. kits are $25.00 + $5.00 shipping email me at