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  1. Have a guy coming from San Diego Tomorrow to see it ……….. so it may be gone before you pull the trigger. Thanks Paul
  2. Dual Quad Dave ……….. this car had an LX engine that I needed to complete my 65 Gran Sport. I'm sure someone can transplant a 401 or 425 back into it …. it is not a Gran Sport.
  3. SOLD SOLD SOLD I purchased this Riviera for the engine and transmission which I have removed but the rest of the car is available. The car has many pluses no dents, almost perfect original interior, chrome is very nice with minamal pitting on the trim. It does have some repairable rust. It will be sent with decent Chrome Road Wheels Check out pictures and make me a reasonable offer. Paul more pictures available
  4. I need a NEW HEATER CORE for my 1965 Riviera w/ airconditioning ….. Does anyone have one that they want to sell? Can buy thru ebay, but maybe someone has one they do not need or are not going to use. Please quote price and send me a PM, Text, email, or call. Paul 559 355-3551 Fresno CA Thanks I just purchased one! No Longer need one!
  5. 1964-1965 Buick Riviera AM/FM Radio ……… also might you have a vibrasonic unit used on many GM Cars that delayed the sound to the rear speaker. (pre-stereo) pm me a message paul
  6. I saw a posting and this car was in Texas ………... post more pictures ……… was interested at $10k no response from seller
  7. What is the condition and completeness of the #5 it KX engine ready to install. And most important price. Paul
  8. Thanks everyone, located one locally so I no longer need one. Thanks to all for your help. Paul
  9. Car is not here. at paint shop so picture not available. I do not need the panel only the chrome strip, unless the panel and the chrome strip are not seperable. I will buy them as a unit. Thanks for the help in locating this piece. Paul