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  1. 1964-1965 Buick Riviera AM/FM Radio ……… also might you have a vibrasonic unit used on many GM Cars that delayed the sound to the rear speaker. (pre-stereo) pm me a message paul
  2. I saw a posting and this car was in Texas ………... post more pictures ……… was interested at $10k no response from seller
  3. What is the condition and completeness of the #5 it KX engine ready to install. And most important price. Paul
  4. Thanks everyone, located one locally so I no longer need one. Thanks to all for your help. Paul
  5. Car is not here. at paint shop so picture not available. I do not need the panel only the chrome strip, unless the panel and the chrome strip are not seperable. I will buy them as a unit. Thanks for the help in locating this piece. Paul
  6. It is on the 1966 model, and I believe 1967. Chrome strip just above the trunk on cars with a vinyl top. Not the sides only the one piece …. it can be seen on the attached picture that I got off the internet. thanks to whoever owns this beautiful black beauty. Thanks Paul
  7. Tom Please call me regarding your Riviera. I sent you a PM 559 355-3551 ROA 376
  8. FOUND ONE NO LONGER NEEDED - THANKS TO ALL THAT HELPED. PAUL I need the chrome strip between the back window and the trunk on 1966 or 1967 with a vinyl top. Please PM me, call-text me 559 355-3551 or email me Paul
  9. Here is an excellent set of 4 wire wheel hub caps . Generic run as they are or get decals for the center s. $55 no tax ... free shipping paul call or text 559 355-3551
  10. Thank You Steve …. Will ship in the AM
  11. Here is a set of 4 15" wire hub caps for the Rivieras 1963 1964 or 1965 very decent condition. Asking $150 for the set plus shipping Please PM, Call or text 559 355-3551, or email me Paul
  12. Here is a set of 4 15" Wire Hub Caps for Buicks, The centers can be changed and used for various years. $150 set of 4 plus shipping. PM me, Call or text me: 559 355-3551 or email me
  13. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Here is a set of 4 BUICK WIRE HUB CAPS that came off of a 1953 Buick Super, note the "V" in the center cap announcing the V/8 Engine for the model year 1953. I believe that changing the center caps and replacing them with the caps used on the straight 8 they were used in previous years. I am asking for $150 plus shipping for all 4. Note that the wheels also have to be 6" wide as the narrower wheels will not accommodate these caps. If interested PM, email me, text or call me. Paul phone or text: 559 355-3551 email: