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dodge brothers vechile

Guest waynephillis

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Guest 1930

I dont know exactly what year it is but it is not a 28, you would have to post the serial number found on the frame so that someone here can tell you what it is exacly. its an earlier 4 cyl car. Its also an export as can be seen by the R hand drive, also the data plate on left of dash. It might not be worth 25000 but its worth more than two hundred bucks.

Windshield frame/stanchions would be worth 200 plus ( if its not rotted out ) to someone that needed it

Step plates ( if you have the pair and they are correct ) would be worth 200 to the right person.

Fuel tank has got to be worth close to a hundred if again its usable.

Or you could look at it as a start to a resto.

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