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Fender Welting


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I'm getting ready for paint and I gather the fender welting is supposed to be painted the same color as the car. Since they're painting the fenders dismounted, should I have them paint the welting separately, or mount the fenders and then apply a final coat of paint?

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My reason for painting off the car was to be sure and get paint all around the welting and the fender as well. The worry was the welting would fit tight against the fender and the color would not be everywhere it needed to be.

The color will indeed crack unless you use a good bonding agent as well as a flex agent mixed into the paint. Any body shop supply vendor will have it in stock. I had no problem with the fender welt paint cracking at all when I installed it.

The rubber fender skirt welting is another animal all together. I painted it in the same manner as the fender welt and it cracked something horrible. This welt will be attached to the skirt then mask it all off and paint in place.


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I ended up replacing my skirt welting with a vinyl welting that I painted with a vinyl dye that was awfully close to my car color. It works great, but the one negative is that the vinyl welting has a slight grain that wasn't on the rubber. Still, it beats the cracking color on the rubber.

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Guest Wayne38Zephyr

Have a look at the beading for VW bugs half way down the page, it's smooth finish , you would probably need two rolls for a Zephyr ,it's available in different colours , i'll try to find a company in the USA that sells it

Running Boards & Wing Beading

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