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55 firewall pad


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At the bottom of the firewall pad is strip of rubber/plastic sewn to the pad. Most are by now hard and crumbling. New complete pads are available, but are a real chore to install unless the car is completely disassembled. I would like to only replace the strip since my firewall pad is in otherwise good condition. What have others used? Source?

Thanks, Willie

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Jim I think a lot of us would appreciate if you would share what you find.

Willie, how are you removing the old and still retaining the thread that shows along the front. I have a couple of these to do and was planning on using a razor to cut the thread just in front of the old piece to be removed and it hopefully remaining until I inserted the new piece and applied adhesive to hold the new piece and the old thread in. Does that make sense. Probably not :rolleyes:

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