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The "Thrill of the Year" 56 years ago today!

AK Buickman

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Buick fans,

The brand new 1955 Buicks were officially introduced to the public on Friday, November 19, 1954. The new '55 Buicks, called the "Thrill of the Year" by the Buick Motor Division sales department, would break all Buick sales records.

The calendar for November, 1954 is the same as November, 2010, so exactly 56 years ago to the day, the public saw these exciting new Buicks.

So, '55 Buick owners-- go out to your garage and celebrate tonight! Just don't overindulge in Dynaflow oil.

Gary Klecka, BCA #1955

'55 Roadmaster 76R

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It's Friday night - we can overindulge. KC & I are polishing off a fabulous old bottle of Merlot. Let's see - Dynaflow oil vs. Merlot. They're both red . . . and each gives their recipient a good buzz (hopefully)!!

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It used to be so much fun when the new models came out every year. I miss those days! Tonight, for the first time, my '71 LeSabre is in my new garage along with my '72 LTD, my '09 Mustang and the wife's '07 Mariner. No more storing the old cars in the winter. I can keep them home, safe and sound! First time I've ever had a garage.

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Guest santa fe

Ok John, let's see some photos of that new garage. Idea? f it hasn't already been done, maybe we should start a link with photos of our dream garages of what we have built for our second loves (wife has to take first spot in order to keep second spot).


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That's one fine '55:cool::cool:

How about sharing some more shots of the car with us.

I'd like to see some some side shots of it if possible.

Love that color:)

Thanks, I like the color , too. They are repaint of the original Dover white over Colonial Blue.

The last picture is from 1980, the color in the photo is off, it's a bit purple in that photo.







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