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  1. Why would someone in Germany not have access to this site? On another site , a fellow was looking for door panels for a ‘55 56R. I recommend this site. He said he didn’t have access to this site from Germany ....
  2. Any of the Dexron are what to use. For trans and power steering I don't think there is a type "A" anymore...
  3. That's what I'm talking about. the beauty lies within the functionality
  4. I'm sorry to hear about your Father In Law My prayers for families That's a very nice car. Good luck with the sale
  5. restore an Aztec ? restore a tractor instead push the Aztec of a cliff
  6. About twenty-five years ago, my dad shows up driving a brand new Ford Explorer. Dad is very proud and wants to show it off to me. It's a very nice car with leather seats and matching set of luggage. Then I notice on the front door is a painted script "Eddie Bauer" I ask Dad, "Who the hell is "Eddie Bauer" ? And why is his name on your car? You should take it back and have it changed to "Joe Miller" That was the first time I had ever heard of Eddie Bauer... I was not suitably impressed
  7. That's how I ended up with the Roadmaster. It was Dad's car. After he whittled his collection down, the Roadmaster is what was left. Dad's collection included 1935 Ford 1936 Buick 1940 Cadillac 1952 Chevrolet 1955 Buick 1956 Ford F1 1961 Lincoln 1964 Lincoln 1966 Lincoln 1966 Lincoln convertible 1968 Lincoln
  8. When I changed the thermostat, I used a thin film of motor oil on that gasket, too.
  9. Well, your English is better than my German, French, Italian, or Romansh.. Icht nein sprechen Je ne pas parlais Let us see some photos of your Buick !
  10. I don't remember what we put on the timing chain gasket. It was forty years ago that we had it off. On the fuel pump gasket, I use a thin coat of new motor oil.
  11. The pistons must look like syrup buckets !
  12. I mailed mine today I marked through the mailing address on the opposite side with a sharpie
  13. I've not heard that before.That seems a good idea
  14. you'll have better luck driving it regularly than if you let sit for weeks at a time.
  15. One thing that should be made clear, thechoke knob has two functions; mixture & choke turning the knob, adjusts the mixture pulling the knob out , chokes pushing the knob opens the choke
  16. What Willie said. Ethanol is NO good !! I've not had vapor lock issues. I add 4 ounces of Marvel Mystery oil to the Fuel. I also recently found a non-ethanol gas station. (I've only topped off the tank with eight gallons of non-ethanol;, so far) But if it sits for more than 24 hours , I have to crank it a long time, and use a prime. Carb cleaner is a good choice, Or, penetrating oil. (NEVER use ether !)
  17. It looks the one that was in my '66 Chevrolet, But, that was 38 years ago...
  18. That's it. I hold the choke up for about three engine revolutions, or "slurtp, slurp, slurp". I don't own a model 'A'. I get paid to drive someone else's model 'A' ,, how cool is that? The one time I had trouble cranking, the choke cable had come loose. And the choke was completely closed. I fixed with a piece of string. Until i could get back to the Garage
  19. I agree,, we need to see the other side. It looks like an Oldsmobile rallye wheel to me.
  20. Point taken My '03 Dodge Durango is next in line for a battery. I'll buy a group 31. Put the 31 in the Buick. Take group 27 (one year old) that's currently in the Buick, put the 27 in the Dodge. The F-250 has two group 65 batteries that are six months old. I hope they'll last several years.
  21. That's a neat trick. Next time I buy a batteries, I'm going to get a group 31 batteries. I can't get a good group 60 . That is the original size for the '55 Buick. The group 31 is close enough that it will fit the Buick and the F250
  22. I drove the Roadmaster today. but, it was looking like rain, so I didn't leave the neighborhood I drove about five miles
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