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  1. Well, your English is better than my German, French, Italian, or Romansh.. Icht nein sprechen Je ne pas parlais Let us see some photos of your Buick !
  2. Point taken My '03 Dodge Durango is next in line for a battery. I'll buy a group 31. Put the 31 in the Buick. Take group 27 (one year old) that's currently in the Buick, put the 27 in the Dodge. The F-250 has two group 65 batteries that are six months old. I hope they'll last several years.
  3. That's a neat trick. Next time I buy a batteries, I'm going to get a group 31 batteries. I can't get a good group 60 . That is the original size for the '55 Buick. The group 31 is close enough that it will fit the Buick and the F250
  4. I drove the Roadmaster today. but, it was looking like rain, so I didn't leave the neighborhood I drove about five miles
  5. I did some battery post maintenance on the Roadmaster, F250, and the Durango. cleaned them up with a wire brush. Installed the little felt doo-dads. And applied some pink protectant spray I replaced the Durango's painted grill with a bright grill then, I drove the Roadmaster around the neighborhood, after I washed the dust off her. Maybe tomorrow I'll go fill up with some of the good non-ethanol gasoline, one county south
  6. I washed the dust off the Roadmaster. And, drove it one county south to a cruise in. There's a non-ethanol gas station on the way home. I filled up with 87 octane non-ethanol. I added a pint of STP octane boost and 4 ounces of Marvel Mystery Oil.
  7. Salut Pascal Bienvenue a BCA forum (Je ne pas parlais Francais) I also saw your post of your car on Facebook It is a beautiful Buick and blue !! Blue is the best color for Buick !! edit: Your English is much better than my French !!
  8. I got a new set of spark plugs in anticipation of driving around yesterday just for the sake of driving... It rained all day... So, I drove the F250 instead
  9. That could be right. And, that's OK with me. I'll like the original style, especially for less money....
  10. My Dad always got downright angry when he saw a customized car. He would fume and ask me, "Why would somebody #@*~ up a good car like that ?" I would reply, "Dad it's easier to customize it than to restore it. One doesn't have to worry about what is correct, just fix it like they like it. And that's also why they make chocolate and ​vanilla...."
  11. I;m glad you're getting better. I hope your improvement continues. I'll drink a glass of water to your health !
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