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  1. All '58 Plymouths (and some '57s) "Christine".
  2. I don't know anything about this other than what's in the article. https://www.journal-news.com/news/iconic-hamilton-fountain-classic-car-both-destroyed-crash/V0G2On2O02Wwzz0I7HEuwM/?fbclid=IwAR0wMuWlrcu2pUgr-McUZVFj8s_9XcWVeqWkAsad0aaLViIcvo1qXu1GnkA
  3. I bought a new '80 Buick at Davis Buick in Centerville after they had moved from Dayton. Shortly thereafter they became Bob Ross Buick. Shannon Buick was in business in the fifties, at least by 1951, so Davis Buick did not become Shannon Buick. Reichart (sic) Buick (formerly Shannon) is on Salem Avenue. It never was on Main St. You better go back and study-up.
  4. I believe they were in business until around 1980. They had moved from that S. Main Street location and became Bob Ross Buick, which is still in operation.
  5. 1950 model. These have enclosed gas caps. The '49 model had an exposed gas cap.
  6. The image shown of the car for sale is a '58 Rambler.
  7. Chevrolet referred to the Two Ten (Model 1011) 2 door as a sedan. They called the Two Ten "Delray" (Model 1011a) a coupe. It was the same body. The difference was a Delray had a special vinyl interior, carpeting, and different headliner.
  8. Roofline is also lower on the hardtop and uses a different windshield.
  9. No. My father bought a '60 Dodge Dart new and it had a generator. I think the '60 Valiant was the only one that had an alternator.
  10. OK, then I guess that means the name of the car is a Kaiser-Frazer Corp., including anything else that's stamped on the block.
  11. Not saying this is where the cars are located but the phone number comes up as the Clarkston, MI area.
  12. So we agree. The description is not wrong or misleading. I have no problem interpreting the seller's description. Maybe some do. It's like Chevrolet using "Sport Coupe" for 2-door hardtop and "Sport Sedan" for 4-door hardtop. If a seller would describe a '62 Impala as a 2-door hardtop, I would know what body-style he had.
  13. "Business Coupe" is a simple way to describe it has no back seat. A "Club Coupe" should have a back seat. I don't see anything wrong or misleading with this terminology.
  14. In some of the automotive-related Facebook groups that I follow, license plates are regularly obscured in the photos posted. Then there are the postings on the subject "Show us your vanity plates", and the focus is on the license plate in the posted photo. Go figure.
  15. ...but they post their address and telephone number.
  16. I think some of the styling proposals for the Mark II actually look good. Obviously, some do not.
  17. Why was "a used front seat out of a 53 2 dr sedan...." added? Was the seat missing, or something better about a '53 seat, or was it all that was available? Unfamiliar with Buicks and just curious.
  18. The car pictured is a '41 Chevrolet, not a '48. The value would be similar though.
  19. This was an option in the fifties (starting '50 or '51?) but I don't recall ever recall seeing a '48 or '49 sedan with factory leather. Door panels and headliner were not leather.
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