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  1. Hi Steve, Yes, your memory is correct! I dressed for the occassion, and was wearing an original Buick Salesman's sport jacket, complete with a beautiful embroidered Tri-Shield on the front pocket. I bought the jacket at one of the early BCA National Meets. It is in perfect condition, barely used, and it fits me perfectly. My guess is the jacket is from the 1960's. The photo here was taken on July 26, 2003 before the banquet. Gary 1955
  2. Lamar, Here are what the 2003 Banquet and awards presentation tickets looked like. Due to the high number of people attending, the banquet was outside under large tents. The awards presentation was inside in the auditorium. I still have these tickets as shown in the photo. Gary BCA #1955
  3. Here is a photo that I took at Hot Rod Cafe in Post Falls, Idaho, of Brian's beautiful '59 Electra Flattop. This was the first night out of Seattle with a caravan of Buicks heading to Flint in 2003. I'll add to what Brian mentioned in another posting, that this week was a Buick lovers dream come true!! I sure wanted to buy the '55 Buick couch that was in Hot Rod Cafe! They also had a '56 Buick couch, and the front end of a small series '55 Buick on the wall above the bar!
  4. 60Flattop mentioned the 1956 Buick chassis on display at this meet. The restoration work was very high quality, and I still think about that chassis to this day, and what model '56 body will be reinstalled on the chassis. What is the status of that chassis nowadays? Is the body back on the chassis? My guess is that the Century pedal car seen in one of these photos that I took at the meet in 2003 was a prediction of what the real car was going to look like once it was completed. Gary Klecka, BCA #1955 1955 Roadmaster Riviera
  5. On this day, July 26th, in 2003, the BCA celebrated the 100th anniversary of Buick Motor Division with a national meet in Flint, Michigan. It's hard to believe that was 17 years ago! What a fantastic show that was! I brought my '55 Roadmaster Riviera back "home" again for the 2003 meet, covering over 9,278 miles roundtrip to attend that meet. The Fireball V-Eight engine ran like a champ. I drove the entire length of the Alaska Highway during that trip. The whole trip was from July 6, 2003, to August 9, 2003, with a few stops in Seattle and Chicago. That road trip and BCA mee
  6. In 1977, I attended the BCA National Meet held in Strongsville, Ohio. This meet was held at a Holiday Inn in Strongsville. I just looked at my 35mm Kodak slides I took at this meet to confirm that the 1977 show was at a Holiday Inn. Does anybody know if the 2021 BCA National Meet at the Strongsville Holiday Inn is the same Strongsville Holiday Inn used for the 1977 meet? Gary Klecka, BCA #1955
  7. I've been driving my '55 Roadmaster Riviera with an original set of Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels since the early 1970's, always with bias ply tires and have never had any spokes break. This includes driving cross country, and driving the whole length of the Alaska Highway on these wire wheels. These wheels still have the factory chrome plating, and have never been taken apart. Yes, these wire wheels take a long time to properly clean, but they look beautiful on a car. Here's what I have done for the past 40 years to clean my wire wheels: I always remove the 4 wheels off of my Ro
  8. Buick drivers, I couldn't get my Buick out of the garage until this past weekend due to a pile of snow on my driveway, right at the garage door. I got the snow and ice shoveled out of the way this weekend, and I took my 1955 Roadmaster 76R for a short Sunday drive on beautiful, dry highways! This was the first time that I've been able to drive my '55 since last October due to icy or wet road conditions. The Fireball V-Eight engine ran like a champ! Gary Klecka, BCA #1955 The Thrill of the Year is BUICK 1955!
  9. I don't know if this counts, but I drove one of my newer Buicks this weekend-- my 1972 Electra 225 Custom #8439 4-door hardtop. But then again, this is the newest Buick that I own, and it is my everyday car, summer and winter. In Alaska where I live, the roads are messy and icy this time of year, but my Electra handles very well in any type of road condition. Buicks were built to be driven! Gary Klecka, BCA #1955
  10. Many of the Perry Mason episodes from about 1958-1961 contain Buicks, along with other makes. Also, if you watch the original 1973 version of "Gone in 60 Seconds," you'll be surprised how many Buicks, mostly ranging from 1961-1973 can be seen driving or parked throughout the film. A 1961 Buick LeSabre gets smashed up, along with a bunch of other cars, including a brand new 1973 Cadillac parked in front of a Cadillac dealership. The famous chase scene from this movie, one of the best in Hollywood films, actually drives through the property of a local Buick dealership, Butler Buick, in Long
  11. Hi Steve, I've driven my 1955 Roadmaster 76R with Buick/Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels for over 30 years, and I've covered thousands of miles without any trouble. This includes a trip across the United States, a trip to Alaska, and also a roundtrip drive to the end of a dusty, gravel mountain road in Alaska's Denali National Park. The wheels are the original wheels from 1955 (If I recall, the date stamp on the inside of the rim is from November,1955). These wheels are unrestored with the original chrome, steel spokes, and use tubes. Yes, they do vibrate a bit at high speeds, but I never had any
  12. Wow! This is all interesting! I'll have to take a close look at the photograph of the car on the sales brochure to see if the sunroof was airbrushed-in on a photo of a non-sunroof Electra. If the photo of the '72 Electra 2-dr with sunroof is actually legitimate, then BMD apparently made at least one of these cars. AK Buickman...........
  13. Does anyone own a '72 Electra having a factory installed sliding sunroof? The factory 1972 literature and manuals are very vague about which '72 Electras could be ordered with the sunroof option. One 1972 sales brochure I own shows a photo of a sunroof-equipped 2-dr hardtop, but does not mention any 4-dr Electra models. I'm also wondering at what point during the 1972 model year that this sunroof became a factory option? AK Buickman, BCA #1955.......
  14. I sometimes wonder why Buick, with their 4-spd Wildcat, never marketed a Wildcat Gran Sport in the 1965 model year when they had a Skylark Gran Sport and a Riviera Gran Sport. Buick put out a real neat color sales brochure called "The Sizzlers" in 1965. The photos and information, mostly technical in nature, targeted the "go fast crowd," and described the Skylark Gran Sport, the Riviera Gran Sport, and the Wildcat... (sorry customers, NO Gran Sport Wildcat).<BR> <BR>Another weird thing about a 4-spd '65 Wildcat was that a tachometer was not available if a 4-spd transmission was s
  15. Was this information lost, then found?<BR>In 1978, after purchasing my '65 Wildcat 6667 Custom convertible equipped with 4-speed, I wrote a letter to BMD inquiring about the production figures for a 4-speed Wildcat like mine. They sent a letter back to me (I still have the letter) stating that no such records exist. They said that the only figures available were the production figures for each model, regardless of options. <P>AK Buickman, BCA #1955
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