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Engine Identity help

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Hi, I'm new to the forum, but this looks like a good place to get help on identifying the engine in my newly purchased 1960 Divco Milk Truck.

Please see the attached pictures.

Can anyone identify the engine? I've read that it could be a Nash OHV or Ford OHV engine.

One of the pics shows "DIV7907" stamped on the block.


Dennis G.








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Always thought Divco used Continental or Hercules engines, but that sure looks like a Nash-Rambler OHV six, like the 196 cid mill in my '61 American...

Thanks Frank, do you have a pic of your engine in the 61 American I can see?


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Welcome to Divco ownership. We are currently involved in the restoration of a 36 S model basket case. You can find more on that in the restoration forum.

I will give you one of my best tips right off the start. Get in touch with a gentleman by the name of John Rienzo. He resides in Calverton, NY.

He is the Divco club historian. He is also a co author of the book available from many sources titled Divco A History of the Truck and Company.

The book and his knowledge of these creatures is valuable beyond words.

He can be contacted via the Divco club web site or if you PM me I'll hook you up.

Buy the book and get John on the phone. You'll be all set.

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With that exhaust setup, it could only be Nash. No one else, that I know of, used the exhaust pipe as the manifold. Divcos are fun and very cool

English Ford Consul 4 and Zephyr 6 used a similar exhaust starting in 1952. The engine looked similar to the Nash having the valve cover bolted down from the top. Sorry I couldn't find a good picture on the net.

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For those that are still open to helping me identify the engine, I have a new picture of the engine that I think will help. It shows a very interesting drive shaft extending back from the generator that drives the water pump. This looks very unique. Does this help nail down what this engine is? I added the picture of the generator/shaft and waterpump above. Thanks again.

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