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The PDF version of the Fall Rummage Box is online. If any of you notice any errors, please be sure to let me know.

Of course Wayne is not perfect, so no comments about my mental stability! ;):)


PS, the HTML version will be provided as early as possible.

Thank you,


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Hi Linda,

Congratulations on becoming a newsletter editor. What region and state are you from?

The NAAP newsletter awards program for 2010, that you are asking about, is about over for this year. For the year, 2011, you need to make sure that your region sends in the Officers Reporting Form ORF after the first of the year. This form will allow Hershey Headquarters to put you into the Awards program next year. Maybe we'll even see you in Philly in February for the Publications Seminar, where you can learn some pointers to improve your newsletter.

In the meantime, be sure you use the Rummage Box to your advantage. It's free for the use of every AACA editor.



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Judy Edwards has updated, or should I say corrected, some clerical problems in the Fall Rummage Box, problems spotted by Fran Shore... Thanks Fran!

Incorrect again Wayne!!! It was Pat Lytle, the retired school teacher, knower of all things related to the English! Sorry!:o

Judy also corrected the link to the RB. So, let us know if you are still having problems!

OH! And, thanks Judy!!


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