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  1. 48th Annual Swap Meet & Car Corral Sunday, March 24, 2019, Rain or Shine, 8:00 am - 3:00 pm Salem County Fairgrounds 735 Harding Highway (Route 40) Woodstown, NJ 08098 www.sjraaca.com
  2. We just recently purchased a 1939 Buick Special 40/46C Convertible. But the gas tank is leaking and after 3 fixes with everything imaginable we really want to purchase a new one or one that doesn't leak. Any help someone can provide would be helpful. We have searched multiple websites but to no avail. We are to the point where we will probably have to have one fabricated. ANY SUGGESTIONS? All replies are welcome. Thanks.
  3. 1917 Haynes Touring Car, Model 36 6 Cyl., Electric Start 1970's Restoration Hollywood/California Top Complete snap-on side curtains Runs great. Asking $22,000 For more information Call Ray: 609-202-3906 Southern, New Jersey
  4. It is our 1917 Haynes Model 36 that was at Hershey this year and it is for sale. If you would like more information please contact me at 609-202-3906.
  5. Wanted to BUY Hubcap for '63-'65 Buick. (Hollander 1001) See photo attached. Please contact Ray 609-202-3906
  6. Wanted to BUY Hubcap for '63-'65 Buick. (Hollander 1001) See photo attached. Please contact Ray 609-202-3906
  7. Matt: I am going to use a article by Don Barlup from the Rummage Box and want to use his photo. But I can't seem to copy the photo from the pdf file. Do you have any suggestions? or can you send me a photo of Don so I can use it in my newsletter. Thanks, Linda McFarland South Jersey Region AACA
  8. Looking to replace the defroster duct for our 63 Buick LeSabre. As you can see from the photos it is in real bad shape. Any help appreciated. Please contact Ray at 609-202-3906
  9. Tried Buickfarm and nothing. Sorry but don't get the Bugle. could you give me those sites. thanks so much!
  10. Been looking everywhere but have found nothing. Can anyone tell me where I can find one for our 1963 LeSabre convertible? We appreciate any help in finding a replacement for this. Thanks so much!
  11. R Here are some photos of the machine.Thanks, Ray
  12. Does anyone have any technical information on this machine, i.e. How to set it back to factory specs? Purchased this machine with no instruction booklet and want to re- arch my 1929 Ford brakes.
  13. Wayne: I need a classic AACA logo without the background. When I try to insert it into my item the square white background keeps coming up. I am placing it into a colored background. Don't know how to crop around it. Can you help? Thanks, Linda
  14. Wayne: I was looking to use several articles from the Winter Rummage Box and wanted to use the photos as well, of the authors, but I am unable to copy them. Any suggestions? Thanks, Linda
  15. Thank you so much. This is just what we need. Linda McFarland
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