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  1. I MEAN NO OFFENCE TO YOU. PLEASE DO UNDERSTAND...... LEBONCOIN Makes it almost impossible for those outside France to interact with sellers. In addition thy have no guarantee that you'll ever get your order like EBay. AND I HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF BY LEBONCOIN BEFORE SENDING MONEY AND GETTING NOTHING!!! I have enough parts for all our French cars....... THANK GOD! Waaaaay East Jim
  2. Do you know what these sell for on French Ebay? ABOUT US$750 PER PAIR! I have a lot of Simca V-8 parts including bearings and gaskets
  3. Thank you You have provides the info I needed to fill in one more gap. I am very happy that Mr Kuns owns the car now and has sorted the problems. My interest in the cars really started with the story in "OLD CARS" They are wonderful things. We have about 40 cars ..... I really don't count them. Most owned for many years. Take heart things go painfully slow and then one day you'll have "done" Seeing what you have done so far and so well I know the end result will be wonderful
  4. I have a lot of stick time in the 34 car when Brooks was alive ....... Road raced it many many miles. In proper trim the car is FIERCE! And has no brakes. it was fun pitching the car to slow it. About Gary's car......... The Brooks Steven car had original firewall and all the identity plaques ..... A Studebaker engineer made #34 into a street car. as I recall the conversion consisted of adding fenders. The car has the original engine, frame, Firewall. So what "body Parts"did Gary start with? At first he told me he had the car. Then I told him I'd driven the car at speed....... The he said Br
  5. I really need to find a W-153 engine for our 1935 delivery van........ the original W-21 is in good condition but not really an everyday driver's engine Please can anyone help
  6. A young officer pull me over one raining day. I was driving my 1939 GMC It was very unrestored then. ''Sir Your Right tail light is out!'' I said ''OK Lets go look....... See it NEVER had one!'' I started back to the cab...... ''How are your headlights?'' He was trying to rescue some respect! ''They are fine KID!'' as I got in.... He went back to his patrol car as I drove off. California law only requires two rear lights for post 1957 production The number of folks that know only one tail light gets smaller and smaller. Here I had to add several lights to the rear to pass inspection. AND they
  7. Please be careful about production numbers Here are TWO different cars I found on the first page of a Google search Neither of these were Andy Adler's car. AND Adlers car was a old blue without silver shinning thru Somewhere in all our junk I have photos. Might be years before I can find them
  8. Joe I think there are more than three. I have stood in front of three different examples! Honestly I can't think that I have stood in front of ALL of them. I did sit in Blackhawk's car at Hershey I don't know what's happened to Andy Adler's car but would bet it's one off most people's radar. I do think that I've seen a photo of severral together Good luck in the hunt
  9. Every restaurant here is Polish!! If you stay in the hotel ..... they take you down the hill in a van and will bring you lunch and pick-up the stuff you've brought..... always the best! Yes the crab cakes ARE wonderful on the field. I wish we could come this year maybe next......
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