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  1. It has been my understanding that the rim width is inside to inside. "To get a correct rim width, you must measure from the bead seat (where the tire rests and seals on the inside of the rim)."
  2. Thought I would post a couple of pictures of the back side of the wheel, just to verify that maybe the Chrysler's mounted this way.
  3. For sale complete 1953 Ford automatic transmission change over. Steering column, linkage, third member, transmission, brake pedal, torque converter. Mike, 509-826-1365
  4. Looking for a new pair of head gaskets for the Ford/Simca Vedette V8 84 HP flathead. I believe this engine was built in Brazil in 1959. Thanks.
  5. Thanks to everyone who is trying to match the wheel up to an automobile. I am trying to downsize the collection I have and a few wheels remain a mystery. Here is a picture with a measurement. Hope this helps. Thanks again.
  6. Pair of nice Lincoln wire wheels. 18 x 4.2, 8 on 6.5. There is some light surface rust. 350.00 Pr. plus shipping. 509-826-1365-Mike
  7. Could someone kindly ID this wheel for me? Thanks in advance.
  8. For sale, Chrysler polished head. Year is not certain. Possibly for a 241 Cu.in. 400.00 OBO
  9. I went out to the car and took a picture of the ID tag. The steering column looks to be have been on the left side as there is a place on the firewall for it. Thanks for the help with ID.
  10. Thank you very much for the info. Yes, this car is still there and I can get the tag info. If anyone is in dire need of any parts just PM me. The owner is one step away from scrapping it....hate to see that happen . Someone may need a part.
  11. Curious what kind of car this is, (was).
  12. Have one adjustable spoke 1937-1938 GMC truck T14, Yellow Coach. 18 x 4. 6 on 5.5. 48 adjustable spokes. 7.625 hub cap opening. Very good, not perfect. Located in Omak,Wa. 509-826-1365
  13. Are these the wheels you need? Picture posted. The four shown in the photo.
  14. I shall try posting a picture. It has 40 bent spokes.
  15. Hello, I am a new member. In my retirement years I have chosen to restore a few old Fords, and with these original old vehicles came boxes of engine parts that some cannot be Ford. At least I do not think so. And I have wire wheels. I went out looking for a few good wires......and came home with way more than I should have. And some of these are not Ford. Sometimes its hard to turn down a package deal. Even my antique wire rim book is sometimes clueless. So....I could really use some help from the forum. One wire wheel I have is 17 inches, 3 3/4 wide, 5 x 5 1/2 pattern, 3/4 inch lug holes, 6 1/2 hub cap opening, and the most unique is that it has a 3/4 inch wide stainless ring attached. Its a Kelsey-Hayes, but I cannot find any I.D. numbers. Thanks for any and all help.:confused:
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