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  1. Rebuilding a Riley 4 Port head that uses 1/8 inch oversized Model A Ford valves. The valves I have are two different manufactures. One is Jadson 1058 and the other is Thompson S801. I can find no info on either. These are mushroom stem valves with a head size of 1 and 5/8, stem is 5/16 and length is 5.75. Not interested in modern valves at this time. If any one has other manufactures and part numbers it would be a big help with Hershey coming up in a few weeks.
  2. Okay, if they are for sale how much plus shipping. I know you are in Poland and I am in the US.
  3. Looking for some NOS points for a Mallory YA 11A. Number on points is 24205 Email me at marshmetz@aol.com
  4. Price reduced to $120 plus shipping.
  5. I was told this is a 37 Packard steering wheel for Models 115 or 120. I purchased it for a project and it is not going to work so it is back up for sale. There is cracking at each end of the spokes where they meet the rim on both sides. Spokes should clean up okay. Hub has minor corrosion. Price reduced to $120 plus shipping. Email me at marshmetz@aol.com
  6. Budget would depend if it will bolt right up or if I need to modify it. If I am not mistaken it is your photo I have posted. I have a Winfield equipped drylakes style 31 roadster that I would like to run a tach on. There is not enough room between the crank pulley and radiator to install a crank drive so I am looking for something that would mount under the dist. and fall in the timeline of 1942 to 1946. If you have something and a price in mind please PM me.
  7. One I am looking for was used on Ford Model A or B motors.
  8. Looking for a Stewart Warner tachometer drive like in the photo. These were used on industrial and stationary motors. Email is marshmetz@aol.com Thanks Ken
  9. I am looking for a 1908 to 1913 Marsh Metz V-Twin motorcycle motor, complete or parts any condition. This is very different in that the cylinders are at a 90 degree angle instead of the usual 42 degrees. Thanks for any help. Email marshmetz@aol.com
  10. If your bringing any Winfield stuff to Hershey PM me your space and I will stop in. Still looking for a George Wight intake like shown above. Ken
  11. I have a complete 1946 1.5 truck chassis for sale. Asking $250. It has a 158 inch wheelbase Model 698T I believe. Was an old farm platform truck. Comes with 7 wheels, gas tank and running boards. Rear is locked but I think it is the shoes tight with the drums. Wheels are 20 inch 5 lug. Email marshmetz@aol.com for questions. I can hold untill Hershey or Carlise. Ken <fieldset class="fieldset" style="margin: 0px 0px 6px; font-size: 11px; "></fieldset>
  12. I guess the photo doesn't show it clearly but the bend in the main bow looks factory to me. It is stamped the same on both sides. Not sure about the front bow.
  13. A week with no replys. Any ideas?
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