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Select 60 question


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Is there an official list of all the dealers who received a S60 Reatta? If so, where can I obtain a copy? And does anybody know if there are any dealers who still own their S60? I'm mostly interested in the '90 ones. Thanks in advance. :)

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No "official" list has surfaced, in fact it is difficult to find anyone that know much about the Select Sixty Dealer program. Over the years I have ask how the dealers were rated, when it started and when it ended. We know the Reatta was involved in 1988 and 1990 but what other Buicks were involved during the life of the program?

I think we will be able to answer the question soon. With the help of Larry Gustin who loaned me a printout of Reatta production when Buick departed Flint, Roy Faries who scanned the 443 page document and converted it to Excel we are hopefully in the final stages of having the 1988, 1989, and 1990 Reattas completely listed (the 1991 sheets have been misplaced and Roy does not know if they were scanned.)

Tom Jenkins (owner of Reatta Data Page) is helping clean up the Excel files and had my computer not got a virus on Friday, we might have '88 and '90 done before Ames.

The information contained in the information Larry loaned me is not as complete as I would have liked.... it does not tell us if a car had a sunroof or CD player, or what color the side molding or pinstripe was when it left Lansing. What we will have is the vin number, the dealer it went to (or in the case of early build cars, what GM location got the car) the exterior color was in code as was the interior color.

Example.... 1G4EC33C5LB905021 went to Stone Buick in Palm Harbor FL it had 33 exterior paint and 986 interior. Tom is converting the code numbers to colors that any viewer can understand (33 = Driftwood and 986 = tan interior w/16 way option)

My first goal is to make CD's of this information available to the Buick Archives and the Sloan in Flint. They can then have this information for anyone that ask for Reatta information.

After that, we (the Reatta Division) may make CD's available at a very reasonable price so a Reatta owner can use it for reference anywhere they have the need.

I will be making everyone at the Reatta Division meeting in Ames aware of our progress and may have an example available to view.

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I looked at the site and finally got shut off. GM dealers cannot go back before 1990, the GM data was dumped and I suspect this site looks at the GM database.

You can go to your GM parts department and ask them if they will run you a print out of the Service parts information on your car (1990 or newer) this is unnecessory as you already have the same information in your trunk on the Service parts label.

The advantage to this site is the ability to look up a car that is for sale and you can decode what options it had. Many Reatta owners don't know if they have standard seats or 16 way and any amount of explination does not seem to help.

You would also be able to tell if a car has a factory sunroof.... it will be listed.

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