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Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

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From Greg:


Seeing my name mentioned I'll contribute an update as to my current wellbeing but first I'll say that I have been to see our friends John and Alice and they too are well and busy with their farm work.   Even though they aren't out much, Alice did slip away long enough to buy herself a new Tesla.  Two in the family now.

     Me,  I'm back in the Avanti state of mind.   My first one, bought while home on leave from Viet Nam.   Taken off the road in '78 it had fallen into disrepair in storage.

   After the refresh of the maroon '63 I decided to return to the black '64.

   On again off again, I decided to devote this summer to it.    Now I'm getting down to detail work and engine break in before completion.

Storage is surely hard on a car.

    If there is interest I can contribute some advances to the rest of my "fleet".

   Kind regards to all.


2020 1.jpg

2020 2.jpg

2020 3.jpg

2020 4.jpg

2020 5.jpg

2020 6.jpg

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Always had a soft spot for the Avanti. I remember lusting after one that was sitting behind a gas station in Yarmouth, Maine. 1963 All original (needing TLC) with the four speed. I believe it was a either cream or pale yellow (pale primrose like my 68 MG?????) Unfortunately at the time I didn't have the means to acquire that lovely beast. Often wonder what happened to it.


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Greg, thanks so much for updating us. Your two Avanti’s are superb, but the fact that you were writing (nay, harassing!) the Granatelli’s for information while in the service of Uncle Sam makes your cars (and the R5 motor) unfathomably cool. That you continue to use Seabiscuit as it was intended is also a great thing.


As noted, I read ten years of updates over the span of two weeks. That was some extraordinary reading, both John’s and your contributions. That writing must have taken a lot of time.


I realize nothing lasts forever but I’m really grateful for what you two gave us.


And ... thank you for your service.


John Jeffries, Tolland, Conn.

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