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  1. Greg, thanks so much for updating us. Your two Avanti’s are superb, but the fact that you were writing (nay, harassing!) the Granatelli’s for information while in the service of Uncle Sam makes your cars (and the R5 motor) unfathomably cool. That you continue to use Seabiscuit as it was intended is also a great thing. As noted, I read ten years of updates over the span of two weeks. That was some extraordinary reading, both John’s and your contributions. That writing must have taken a lot of time. I realize nothing lasts forever but I’m really grateful for what you two gave us. And ... thank you for your service. John Jeffries, Tolland, Conn.
  2. Hello, my first post here, having just read this thread, from soup to nuts ... epic. I’d never been to this website before ... I think I got here from a post on Bring A Trailer. Saw the Avanti in the title and soon got engrossed, by both John’s stories and those of Greg. So much interesting and educational stuff contained herein. Thank you to both gentlemen for sharing these slices of their lives with us. John (in Conn)
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