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  1. I love the old Caddies. Is that one missing the windshield?
  2. Wow, I'm surprised it wasn't making all kinds of screeching noises. Looks like that crankshaft journal has actually been worn down compared to the area next to it. Harsh.
  3. This thread just keeps getting better and better! Keep up the great work!
  4. I just logged on this minute to say if you are having a power source problem start with the power source, the battery. Get a new one, even new ones or almost new ones can be defective and have plates shorting out. Glad to hear you it sounds like you are on the way to solving this and aliens haven't taken over your Studebaker!
  5. Is this car positive or negative ground? Polarity reversed? https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/6-volt-positive-negative-ground.99255/
  6. I had a 4 cylinder Volvo that I replaced a head gasket on and started driving it around. I noticed some water vapor coming out of the exhaust a few days after the head gasket replacement and I thought, "Gee, I forgot to re-torque the head bolts". I drove it home and torqued the head bolts and no more steam in the exhaust.
  7. Nice job, you sure work fast. Now, about those door panels.....
  8. Cool car and cool video. 8 cylinders always sounds good. Enjoy it!
  9. Thanks, I was scratching my head about that steering wheel. Great work you do!
  10. I have to ask, what's up with that steering wheel? Is that a stock option?
  11. Very cool! That car will get lots of attention for sure. 👍
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