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  1. Thanks, I was scratching my head about that steering wheel. Great work you do!
  2. I have to ask, what's up with that steering wheel? Is that a stock option?
  3. Very cool! That car will get lots of attention for sure. 👍
  4. Monster truck. Street legal apparently. Yikes.
  5. Cool Pontiac muscle car. I always have liked those.
  6. This gentleman had an old Ford pickup truck with an attached trailer, upon which rode an old flathead V8. I honestly can't figure out what year the truck is, but it was a very nice restoration job. I was looking at the left side of the flathead V8 and wondering what the display did. I could see it was all set up to run so I figured it operated something. While looking at it the man, who was seated nearby, stood up and asked me if I wanted to see it run. "Sure," I said. He motioned me to come around to the right side of the engine and that's when I saw that that side of the engine did not have the head on it. I sort of chuckled and wondered what the game was. The man set the choke on the carb, turned the key and the engine fired and ran smooth as could be. The pistons plunged up and down with pretty amazing speed for an engine at fast idle and the valves opened and closed just like they are supposed to. I was kind of flabbergasted, as I had never seen anything like that before. The engine ran on the left four cylinders and gave any spectator the opportunity to see how an internal combustion engine works. I returned to the area several times and watched as people would approach and have a look and the man would get up and fire the old V8 up. Invariably the person watching would motion for someone else with them to "check it out". I watched one man call out to his teen daughter and show her how an engine works. She was very interested in it. It was all fascinating to watch, the highlight of the show for me I think. I also captured a video of the motor running - not sure if I can post it here but I will try..
  7. And a beautiful 1962 Olds Jetfire convertible. Very cool.
  8. Heavy duty 1947 Ford pickup. I like the old solid trucks.
  9. Here is a 1950 Chevrolet, modified of course. Great car with nice lines.
  10. Another favorite of mine. I love the '62 Bel Air and Biscaynes, especially the bubble tops. I didn't care for the wheels on this one but just about everything else was nice! I like that color too. I neglected to get a picture of the motor, but it was a small block, no 4 oh 9!
  11. I mentioned the Labor Day car show that I went to on Monday. Sort of a tradition now I guess, even though I didn't go last year because it was way too hot out. This year was much nicer weather and you could tell by the crowd. This 1961 "letter car" was one of my favorites - I don't believe it has been there before. Check out the dual quad setup! I asked the owner if he had any trouble with vapor lock, as the right side carb sits right on top of the exhaust manifold. He said no, but it takes a gallon of gas and a bunch of cranking to get her started. Site is not letting me upload the pics. Let me try something....