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Color code Buick 1927-25

Leif Holmberg

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Most paint companies here in the USA have a color eye machine that can match any color you can bring into their store. If you have a true representation of the original color in a photo or sample, they can match it in the type of paint you want to use.

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Mark,I have got the codes from a man in USA who had used the color eay machine on his Buick 1927-24 and he has had the car painted with PPG color codes as you can see on the picture below.

I asked my son who work on a car accessories shop they are selling Du Pont colors and they couldn`t help me with those codes.I went to a PPG-shop in the nearest town they could`t help me,I wrote to the Swedish and Skandinavian PPG agensy they told me it was a USA codes and could`t help me.I wrote to PPG refinishing agensy i USA and the lady told me that she had checked the Europeen and the USA PPG codes but couldn`t find those codes either.

After that I asked the man with the scanned 1927 Buick again if he could send me some samples,I told him that I pay for the costs,more than a month has gone, and I don`t think I get any more help from him.This colors seems to be very unusual they were only used on 1927 mod.24-25-Xport.

It`s not my car I`m helping a 78 years young man i the noth of Sweden to get his car on the road next year.

Leif in Sweden.


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On the topic of Buick color codes. Can anyone clarify for me what "current" color would be used to paint the bumpers on my 1927 Master Six. It was restored 40 years ago with no color code records.It appears to be some shade of gray or silver, perhaps Silver CAD?Buickbythelake4.jpg.2c821e71e03003e95ce80451149bf346.jpg

Need to repaint to freshen up and correct scratches and ding marks.

Thanks !

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