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i need i.d


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From the "Serial number book". Serial# location for 1926 - 37 Buick: "Right frame, back of wheel, under right front fender".

Per the attached page, #2133792 you listed fits 1928 or 29? The number spread given lacks precise year & model definition, but hopefully helps some.


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That number seems to tie in with 1929 from the list above. A clue are the front brakes which are still external contracting. 1929 was the last year of those. If it is Holden body there might be the remains of a tag on the left side of the scuttle/cowl. I guess it is a model 116.

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Not much to work with there. It looks like the blocks still on the frame rails were to hold some sort of "buckboard" seat as this was likely a farm utility vehicle after its initial purpose. That is just a guess on my part, as I believe the blocks were not part of an original construction.


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