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  1. About 18 months ago the control arm sheared off and had to be replaced. We put this down to old age and were mindful to replace with the right quality steel. We did not change the other. Now the other has sheared. Has anyone had this issue? Is it common? Regards David
  2. Sorry chaps - been away from the forum. How did you get on Art with the linkage? Happy to hear of another 90 being put back on the road! Any pics?
  3. Interesting - thanks Allan. I've picked up the rim. I had heard 90s were unique so glad to know they are not quite so unique.
  4. So the rims for 80 and 90 are the same part? I've subsequently also found matching dimensions in the workshop manual showing hub bore and bolt circle measurements are the same. The 39 90 from Basil is now in New Zealand? It's changed hands again?!
  5. Folks Looking for a spare wheel rim for my 1938 90L. Ron in Sydney has a rim off a 80 but like me is unsure if they are a fit? Both are 16 inch, 5 bolt pattern but will it fit the hub? (Or are they different?) Also does the chrome strip from the six wheel equip cover on a 40/60 fit the cover on a 90? Or will it be too short given the 40 and 60 series runs a 15 inch wheel and the 90 runs a 16 inch wheel? Thanks
  6. All the pics I have (thanks folks by the way for those) are of Buick not McLaughlin-Buick 90L. Could they be different? I ask as I was led to understand that the bodies for the 90 were all asembled in Flint and then trucked up to Oshawa to be joined to the chassis there. I'm attaching photos of my interior as whilst I see a lot of similarities I do also see some differences. I have put this down to the local resto done back in the 80s when the car was in Sydney, Australia. Any McLaughlin 90 pics out there?
  7. Brian, Thanks and my cover looks exactly the same. Regarding the felt in my ignorance I have used the very same product you referred to but placed them on the fender bay walls rather than the side mount itself. The effect seems to be the same with no rubbing or scratches now. I I am missing the chrome centre strip though on the driver's side mount - which is proving hard to source! Art, Thanks for your note - Looks like its half moons only! Quick snap of the old girl outside Raffles for a wedding - sidemount halfmoons on display!
  8. Looking at brochures it does seem that its just the chrome ring with no Buick badge accross the middle. Its hard to be sure from the picture though as the spare tyre sits quite low on the 90 so its good to get affirmation there isnt meant to be a BUICK badge there. Thanks everyone for the responses!
  9. Hi - my 90L does not have side mount trim "buick" trim labels. I have looked at a few photos of other 90s and they dont seem to have the label as well. Is that right? The matter is slightly further complicated by the fact that mine is a Mclaughlin-Buick too...
  10. Brian I saw your post about a 90L that was selling late last year. Did anyone get any interior pictures? The 90L interior seems to be the most under photographed part of any car on the internet!
  11. Nothing remarkable. Did post a youtube though of a few events and the car a while back - here is the link:
  12. Hi folks, need help - the interior of my 90L is not original and its time to change it. Ideally I'd like to bring it back to original as much as possible. Problem is I have no record of what that would look like. Does anyone have good pictures of their own interiors that I can use? Being a 90L doesnt help as there seem to be fewer around so am really struggling on carpet type, door cards, seat pattern etc. All help greatfully received Thanks DT
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