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Anybody been to Best Buy lately?


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I went shopping with my wife yesterday at Best Buy. As she was looking at some things I wandered over to the Mobile Electronics department.

Was I surprised at what I saw...

For us '88/89 owners a TOUCH SCREEN entertainment center. It has all the newest features including GPS and the ability to play DVD's. If I wasn't such a dinosaur I would have bought it. I already have a GPS and primarily use the radio.

Although if I could justify it as a business expense...

The units are on sale for between $500.00 and $800.00 then installation.

Maybe someone who is into electronics could take a field trip to Best Buy and report back with their opinion of what it would take to install one in our cars.

It would certainly bring the '88/89 cars back to current technology, especially as we have the cassette player spot to mount the unit in.

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The double din units will not fit in the tape area, but a single would. With major modification to the area. If you wanted to get a flip out single din then it would hit the shifter. If you realy want to update you vehicle with all that they offer, just get a car-puter. They run $600 on the low end, and you can get a touch screen that fits where the tape player goes.

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A bit of input on this:

I just bought a Pioneer AVIC-700 GPS Nav/cd/mp3/Ipod double din to put in my 1991 at "Pest Buy". Yes, I will have to modify the dash bezel to make it fit, but I bought a spare for that very purpose. Thus, I can go back to "stock" if I ever want to make the car historically proper for show or any other reason.

This unit would be very difficult to fit in an 88/89 (and I would think the same is true of the Kenwood and Jensen units as well) for one reason: Depth. The Pioneer I bought is 6.75" deep. This will barely make it into the dash opening on the 91, and yes I will have to be creative.

The depth of the tape compartment on the 88/89 is not nearly as deep (maybe 3 to 3.5" from what I can tell?) and I have not had one apart to see what is buried behind the tape player. Probably the floor heat duct outlet, or perhaps some harnesses.

Obviously, the stock touchscreen cannot be removed and replaced with anything else one loses the climate control, diagnostics, gauges and will get all kinds of codes set as well.

I have to second Daniel's advice on the carputer for 88/89 owners who want an upgrade. This gets you everything you are lacking in terms of digital media playback, plus navigation and some other useful stuff. Besides, then you can have two touchscreens. How cool is that?

While on the subject, does anyone have a picture of the cassette mounting area on the 88/89 console with the deck removed that they can post? I'm curious to see what the internal rear clearance is.


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