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Recommended jack for a 63 Riviera?

Vitelio 26

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Are you needing one to take with you or something to use in the garage. The orginal is okay for changing a flat in an emergency. I have small 2-ton rated floor jack that I use in the garage along with some jack stands once the car is off the ground.


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Coventional wisdom on the First Generation Riviera's is that the bumper jack is for show ONLY!! The bumpers are extremely light and wlll bend upward if they are used for jacking up the car! Both the front and rear bumper on my Blue 63 had this happen to them before I bought it.

As far as working on it at home, a good quality floor jack and four legged jack stands are the only way to go. As far as travel goes, Sears has and aluminum low clearance floor jack that is rated at 2 1/2 or 3 tons. It is light weight and doesn't take up a ton of room.

Another thought for tire changing safety is to look at self-sealing or run flat tires. Not sure what is available for 63's, if any, but not having to change a flat tire beats changing one along side the road any day! You may want to look at a can of puncture sealer and a small 12 volt air compressor to reinflate the tire. This method also gets you away from all the dangers of jacking up a car along side the road.

Just a couple more ideas added to the previous good ones!

Good Luck,

Tim McCluskey

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One thing I should mention as far as changing a flat on a 63-65 Riviera is that the rear wheel arch is rather close to the bottom of the car. If you jack up the axle and have a fairly wide tire on your wheel, it's very difficult to get that tire/wheel out from under the body. It's almost necessary to jack the body away from the axle to get a rear tire off. If you don't use a bumper jack for the reasons that Tim pointed out, you might need to use a combination of jacks to get wheel off the ground and the body away from the axle.

Perhaps a good set of run flat tires would be a better option. wink.gif


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