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  1. Bob, Paul, Winston, Ed and Steve, Thank you guys for your input and opinions! I really do appreciate the responses! I'm OK with a less than premium tire on this Riviera because the car is really rough looking but is a pretty much un-messed with original Minnesota car. I have later road wheels on it so it looks OK with black walls. I have Michelin rain sense tires on my Black Riv that have a decent size white wall and look very good for almost 10 year old tires! I'll be replacing those over the winter before I have any issues with them! Thanks again! Tim
  2. Good afternoon everyone! I was just getting my Blue Riviera ready to go out to MSRA's Back to the 50's car show. As I was putting some tire gloss on the tires, I noticed one of them had a cracked sidewall. Decided it was time to inspect the others a little closer and found that 3 of the 4 had sidewall cracks! Needless to say, I am in need of a new set of tires! Just wondering what people are using these days? I don't need an exact OEM replacement and would be OK with a thin whitewall, Red Line or Black wall, wide white walls don't do it for me on a 60's vintage Buick! Thanks, Ti
  3. I have seen cars from the 60's and 70's with the double thin stripe white walls but I am not sure when Buick used them on the Riviera. I know a couple of people in the local Buick BCA chapter that claim to have the original spare in their trunks and they are double thin stripe white walls. Do I dare even ask what tire manufacturers supplied tires to Buick for the 63 Riviera? Tim
  4. Guys, I've got black walls on my Blue riv and white wall on the Black car. With black leather interior and black wall tires, I think that would be too much black for me! My brothers 50 Roadmaster looks just great with wide whites, seems to fit that car. Thanks again for all of the information! Tim
  5. Thank you all for the information on white walls! Glad to see there are options still available for getting something close to the originals on the car. I do remember various relative talking about buying tires back in the day and black walls being the more economical way to go. Dad wasn't wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, but the Buicks always got white walls! Thanks again! Tim
  6. Hello everyone, The tires on my Black 63 are likely to die of old age before they wear out! What seems to be the best replacement size radial with as close to original White Wall width? Seems a lot of folks go with the wide white which just doesn't do it for me on these cars! Thanks in advance for suggestions! Tim McCluskey
  7. Austin, Glad to hear they are keeping the shop supplied with up-to-date equipment for you to train on! Miller seems to be the choice for welding shops at the colleges, St. Paul, DCTC and Brooklyn Park use a lot of Blue! I agree on the looks of the 63, and the other 1st generation Riviera's, too. They are not nearly as large as the 66 through 76 cars, more like a slightly enlarged GTO! Hope your finals go well and you get recharged over the Holiday break! Tim
  8. Austin, My old boss use to be the welding instructor at Brooklynn Park back in the 70's and early 80's. They have a very nice welding shop. Your Riviera doesn't look like it will need any of those welding skills that you are learning! Spring will be here before you know it! Tim
  9. Austin, A welding student at which college? I work at DCTC in Rosemount. Tim
  10. Ranger, Welcome to the board! As Jim B. said, there are a number of 63-65 Riviera guys in the twin cities. Lots of help and good information available here. Most of your problems are pretty common and not too difficult to repair. I would NOT rewire the car unless you do that for a living. While the 1st generation Riviera's are a classic design, the reproduction parts industry isn't anywhere near what it is for your friends 67 GTO! Hope to see the "River" when the snow all melts in 5 or 6 months! Tim
  11. Guys, No real need to re-invent the wheel! (pun intented!) I used an 1/4 aluminum spacer with a 3 3/8th inch center hole. The 1/4 inch spacer allows for the stock rivets to be left as is, I just drilled the spacer to match the rivet locations. Once the center hole issue is overcome, you can use most any wheel with a 5x5 pattern and the backspacing you want! HTH, Tim
  12. Jayson, They could increase the pulse width on the M/C solenoid and slightly richen the mixture. Ed, Pull the distributor cap, put a ratchet and socket on the crankshaft bolt. If the timing chain is tight, the rotor should turn as soon as the crankshaft turns. If it is worn, there will be a delay before the rotor moves. You could also pull the fuel pump and reach in and wiggle the timing chain with a finger. If the car has 100 K plus on the odometer, might be good time to replace the fuel pump, water pump and timing chain and gears. Or just wait for them to fail! That usually happens at t
  13. Jim, I think you are spot on about the spring on the turn signal switch, just another example of "over-engineering" in the early Riviera's. I checked the material thickness of the upper and lower brackets, the top is .040" and the lower is .031". My son felt certain that if I can get the correct thickness metal, he can make new brackets. As far as pictures go, my daughter lost our digital camera last fall. We bought her one for last Christmas, she lost that after only a couple months. Her best friend gave her one of her old digital cameras this past summer which she just recently lost! In
  14. Happy New Year Everyone! Finally got some time to quit pondering the problem and got after making up the new cable. I made two of them, now I just have to carefully remove the old mounting brackets from the broken original cable and install them on the new. My son is an unemployed sheet metal worker, so if I plead with him maybe I can get him to make some new brackets as well. I hope to be testing the new cables this weekend, with some time off to watch the Vikings! Hopefully they good Vikes will show up!:eek: Take Care, Tim
  15. Steve, Thanks! That looks like it'll get the job done nicely! Tim
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