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  1. Hi Guys: I am looking for fender and trunk scripts for a 1961 cadillac eldorado biarritz. Regards,
  2. Thanks Ed, My question arose because when browsing for parts on differente websites the Timing Cover would only include the front most portion and I wondered if this was a different thing. I hope that the whole thing is available. Regards,
  3. Dear Ed, I am also trying to figure out the correct name for a certain part of the engine (in english). I have attached a picture of a similar nailhead, and indicated the part I am referring too, hope it is clear enough. Regards,
  4. Dear Ed and Old Guy, Thanks for the help, I will be meassuring the space between the intake bolts tonight to make sure. But I have confirmed the numbers on the engine, as per, Ed's indications. The production code number seems to be 3F59969 (located at the front of the block, passenger side and upside down when looking from the front of the car) and the engine serial number 4F6006845 (located at the front of the block, driver side, not inverted when looking from the front of the car). If I am correct, this seems to indicate the engine came from a 59 le sabre( 4F6XXXXXXX) and it is a 364 (3FXXXXX). Now to the really important matter, I am looking for a water pump, timing cover and timing chain for the engine. What could be compatible? Regards, Vitelio
  5. Hi again guys, hope everything is well. Just posting to see if anyone can help identify the engine on my 63 riv, I am afraid it is not the factory engine, and not even a 401. Below is the info I have been able to gather. The block casting number, located in the back of the engine (near firewall) is 1173201-15 (which seems to indicate an older 364 engine ('57-60). The head casting number is 1185485 which could also indicate either a 364, 401 or 425 ('61-66). The production code number seems to be 3F59969 and the engine serial number 4F6006845. Car Cowl Tag reads 7J1049401. I am under the impression the engine migh have come from a 59 Le Sabre. Regards, Vitelio Mejía
  6. Dear Jim, Thanks again for your help and assistance. By the way, I am also looking for a set of rear tail ligths for the riv (1963). Any ideas? Regards,
  7. Hi Guys, Just writing as I am a little concern about storing conditions for my car. I live in the Dominican Republic, and the climate is somewhat humid, my car is currently kept indoors in my building's garage (no a/c, but well ventilated), however, sun light hits my parking spot and the car's tail lights during the afternoon. I have stopped using my old car cover as it was too heavy, difficult to handle by one person, and kept moisture inside. It has an inner covering to prevent scractches, that has ultimately started collecting dirt and seems impossible to clean. Is there any cover that could offer some degree of solar protection and still be ventilated and managable enough? Water or Rain protection is NOT an issue. And most important able to be ordered online. Regards,
  8. Oh, I must clarify that the "decal" is alluminium. By the way, where is the correct point in the trunk to place a Jack Instructions Decal ? Regards,
  9. Hi guys, Do you have any suggestion on how to properly install an air filter decal on a 63 riviera. Regards,
  10. Dear Jim: I have a question after reading the posts, I hope it is not a problem to include directly in this thread. Would a spare tire placed on the lower right side of the trunk be incorrect for a 63 car? Regards,
  11. Thanks a lot Mitch and Ed, I am looking for something to use on the road, in case of tire damage. I might try to find the original, for appearance's sake, but will have a floor jack as well. Regards,
  12. Dear All: I have a 63 riviera, with no original jack, what would you recommend for practical use? Regards, Vitelio Mejía