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1917 FORD MODEL T Doctor ?


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Hello Dear Model T fans and experts ,---Can anybody help me?---

Someone offerd me a 1917 Model T . The car looks like new, it has been totally restored. The motor number is 2.144.742---

The seller told me it is a very rare 1917 T Doctor.---

The Car has two seats and for me and my minor knowledge it looks like a Model T runabout.---here is the only pic I have---http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3081/2737815903_88d2ec565f_o.jpg -----Is this really a very rare car and how much is it worth ?

thanks for your answers

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Like he said, nice "T", but not, at all, rare. A lot of people, that know little about "T"s, seem to attach "Doctor" to it to make it sound rare or, somehow, exotic. It is a crock. While Ford did advertise it's coupes as being an ideal car for doctors, they never named any of their cars "Doctor's" anything. If the price is right, buy it. They are a ton 'o fun.

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