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  1. hwellens

    1929 Chrysler Imperial 77 VIN

    You have good eyes. They show better on the 77 below:
  2. hwellens

    1929 Chrysler Imperial 77 VIN

    The kick panels above the running boards are missing.
  3. hwellens

    1929 Chrysler Imperial 77 VIN

    Can you show a picture of the engine. It would be easy to tell the difference between a 75 and 77 engine.
  4. Do you have Model 124 with the fast 4?
  5. Looks like the generic parts store number is ES7
  6. hwellens

    Dodge 1935 v.s 1936 frame

    Here are the dimensions:
  7. hwellens

    Chevy vise

    This may be the answer:
  8. hwellens

    Leaf Spring Settings

    My spring book only lists years 1926-1934
  9. hwellens

    REO model questions

    Here is some data:
  10. hwellens

    Company to reline my Chandler brake bands

    This data may help:
  11. My mother was not born yet; missed the photo
  12. hwellens

    Senior Six Questions for Car and Truck guys

    Here is some data from a Victor Gasket book:
  13. hwellens

    1930 Plymouth Generator Cutout switch always on

    here is some technical data on cutouts:
  14. hwellens

    1929 Chrysler 65 Spring width

    According to my spring book they should be 2" see attached