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  1. Attached are the Timken bearing numbers. May help.
  2. I have a starter that I thought was for REO but it is a REMY. Does yours look like the one pictured?
  3. I think he is asking about the seal at the crankshaft, not the oil pan. As noted above for the Chrysler 75 that he was asking about, uses a braided asbestos seal.
  4. This was the number (495993) used in the first part of this link above that fits the D2; except coupes Based on my supersedence book for part number 495993 it says use 797919 It looks like the replacement pedal was not offered in two colors since both black and brown numbers say use part number 797919
  5. You are correct Gearshift boot for all D2 is 719241 except coupes which is 719243 Hand brake lever pad is also different for coupes.
  6. My general Mopar parts books says all 35-36 accelerator pedals are 797919 (brown) My 36-42 Dodge master parts book has 797919 except for coupes 451964 745978 is not listed in either of those books However My part number supersedence book printed in 1947 says 745798 was superseded by 745979 which is used on 1937-38 Dodges and 495993 was superseded by 797919 Looks like 797919 is the pedal you need.
  7. Need a picture. Were there different "Gasmobiles" built? The picture below shows a steering wheel?