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  1. I think kicking tires was stated in WWII when you could not buy tires. When looking at a used car, people would kick the tires to see it they were still soft and usable.
  2. Some info from 1909 "The Automobile" magazine
  3. Here is some info. Not sure it helps?
  4. That one should be kept as a screw down grease cup. I have a 30 Chrysler that has the screw down grease cup for the throw out bearing. All other fittings on the car are Zerks.
  5. I assume you mean the grease cup? See picture.
  6. I think you may be on top of the cam. I think when you install it you have to start at and angle to make sure the fuel pump arm is under the cam. Also, based on what "Carolina Chevrolet" stated above the diaphragm may be stretched from ethanol fuel and that is why the difference in tests.
  7. The schedule below says pick up registration packet Friday 9am - 5pm on the show field. I guess if you arrive on Saturday, you drive on the show field to pick up your registration packet between 7-10am? Will there be two lines on Saturday to the show field , one for cars with registration packets and one for picking up packets?
  8. Here is some data for part number:
  9. I have a manual for the Dodge 6 with no model number.
  10. The answer above is for Thursday and Friday. Will trailers be allowed to arrive on Saturday? If so what time will parking people be there to help park?
  11. I took my old hoses to a shop that supplied and built custom hydraulic hoses and had them made up. Took about 20 minutes. I used to have a 36 Desoto Airstream.
  12. This is not Canadian paint codes but does list a Gem green fpr 38 Desoto
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