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  1. Sounds like the wood framing needs to be fixed
  2. I think what they mean is to hook a rubber hose to the end of the bleeder screw and put the hose in a jar. That way you will not have brake fluid squirting all over the place when opening the valve to bleed when the brake pedal is pressed down.
  3. I am not sure what 28 Chrysler we are taking about, but, if it is a model 52 it had a 4 cylinder engine with 38 HP. The smallest 29 Chrysler was a 6 cylinder had 65 HP. Hardly a comparison.
  4. I broke a rear hub on a tour a couple weeks ago and I have submitted an ad for the REO Club and will do same for REOfour. Thanks, Harry
  5. Looking for a 1912 REO rear wheel hub, brake drum and hub collar
  6. Sounds like your clutch is not completely releasing.
  7. I think you want a 714Q
  8. Not sure what model you have, but, for comparison, I have 1928 model 65 owners manual. See Below. With these axle ratios, cruising speed would probably be between 30 and 35 MPH. In 1928 there were probably not many roads you could travel greater than 35 MPH for any extended time. Drive the car as designed.
  9. I have a later 1927. They changed the dash a lot.
  10. Based on the chart above, it looks like your series was by the year "1927 Series". The numbering system started later I guess since there were so many changes in 1927.
  11. Just enjoy it. I have a 27 Dodge also (model 124) mostly original. Join the Dodge Bros Club if you have not already. Good organization. Check their website out. We are getting together at Macungie, PA in August. Tour for two days (Friday and Saturday) and go to the show on Sunday.
  12. The engine serial numbers and car serial numbers do not match. Engine numbers run about 50,000+ more than the serial number.
  13. To determine the series, you need the car serial number. There should be a plate on the floorboard on the passenger side that would have the serial number. Maybe you got the serial number off the frame and that is how you determined the build date. Based on that your car build date, serial number is between A710,000-A720,000. This indicates you should have a Type C engine?
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