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  1. Looks like Ford dealers sold them also:
  2. The front and backs are different bores based on the Wagner book I have. Also. looking a you picture it appears they have been brass sleeved. If so, they should be rebuild-able with just new cups.
  3. Surprised they are the same since the part numbers are different. The 34 Dodge numbers are ES34 and 35. Left and right hand threads.
  4. You have good eyes. They show better on the 77 below:
  5. The kick panels above the running boards are missing.
  6. Can you show a picture of the engine. It would be easy to tell the difference between a 75 and 77 engine.
  7. Looks like the generic parts store number is ES7
  8. hwellens

    Chevy vise

    This may be the answer:
  9. My spring book only lists years 1926-1934