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  1. Also the radiator shutters moved with the thermostat on the 77 and were stationary on the 70.
  2. Looks like the dash and headlights are 70, but, the overall length, motor code and bumpers are 77?
  3. The overall lengths are 168,75 for the 70 and 177.5 for the 77. The 70 and 77 had 4 speed transmissions. This transmission pattern is different than most. The actual low gear is as hard as you can pull left and down. The bumper is a 77, the headlights are 70. 77's were all chrome. Send picture of the dash.
  4. Post picture of the car. I doubt Model 75 parts were used on Model 70 unless they were completely interchangeable (eg. bearings, etc) for both models. The engine code W is a Model 77. Also, the serial number starting with a C indicates it is a Model 77.
  5. Not like a 36 Chrysler. I agree with the head light placement is is probably a 35-37 car. Looks like the whole windshield frame is chrome. Film made in Mexico, may be a foreign car?
  6. Electric wiper motor must have been an option; most were vacuum. If 6 volt electric, there should only be 2 wires going to the unit and the speed controls are within the switch.
  7. The car on the left looks like a 41 Chrysler
  8. Does not have sizes. Only how to get them out.
  9. Airflow used Riteway; Air Sream used BiRay in 1936
  10. Here are the 1934 Rear End drawings from the 34 - 36 Dodge Master Maintenance Manual:
  11. hwellens

    Jordon Touring

    Here is a little info:
  12. Sounds like the turn signal current is going to the tail light circuit and not the brake light.
  13. Check this one on Ebay - fits newer cars. Seems like the same measurements? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Wheel-Bearing-National-1755/302391004637?epid=188674465&hash=item4667e88ddd:g:CF4AAOSwzUxcppse Timken shows that bearing number in their current catalog.
  14. Here are the detail measurements for the outer bearing: