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  1. Oil filters like the one shown were installed on 1926 Chryslers from the factory. See data from 1926 Model 60. The funny item in picture 2 is an old fashion thermostat.
  2. There are guide rods that fit in there to hold the wipers against the windshield. Look at the parts book for a 38 Dodge convertible under wiper blade
  3. Pumps have different arms that ride on the camshaft. Make sure you have the correct one. See below:
  4. It may depend on the item and reason for return. My experience - I ordered a grill for my Camry. Opened the box and it was damaged. Called them about a return and they said not to return it and they would send me another. Got it; no problems.
  5. You need a flex hose from the frame to the rear axle or the lines would break. Most cars would use a T union on the rear so they would only need one hose.
  6. Here is some info for a 1928 Model 65. Should be close to your system:
  7. As I stated above the flea market was cancelled. Possibly the car show: Please know that we continue to explore ideas to benefit the hobby and are working toward the possibility of still hosting our usual car show on Saturday in October. While this may not be doable, AACA and the Hershey Region along with other constituencies are working hard to make this possible. Please visit our website and social media as often as possible for the latest news. Hershey Region AACA
  8. With Hershey flea market and possibly the car show cancelled in October, what is the latest update on the Grand National in July?
  9. May used for industrial? Oil filter up forward, Ground strap on head, Different looking water outlet on head. Agree with Keiser, looks like early 50's.
  10. Different - most cars came with R12