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  1. That article about the first air conditioned car was in Popular Science 1933
  2. My part left the same zip code post office 3 times in two days? May still be there?
  3. Ordered something from Mansfield, OH to go to Maryland. After the Mansfield or the Akron Post office had it for 14 days it went somewhere? Hopefully I will get the part before the car shows start in May. Mansfield to Akron is 62 miles apart.
  4. for info: I think your distributor is 629H
  5. I see a lot of good chrome shops listed. What are their guarantees on the chrome. I checked with a company at one of the large car parts meet and they said 3 years. This can get expensive. What have you heard and have you taken any back to be redone after a couple years due to peeling or bubbles? If so, what was there response.
  6. Another way == Go to file Export to Image jpeg
  7. Should be looking for MAW-4009
  8. If I read the below correctly, the rear handle is different. Front is 701769 and the rear is 715210
  9. What 36 model is this; UF, KC, KCL, LC, WC, Etc? I have a master parts book, but, it goes by serial number or model, not year. Sample page-
  10. An old Gates belt book lists their belt number as 660 which is 49-5/8" . The new DAYCO book for replacements for older cars list their part number as 24490 which is 49-23/32" As far as a thermostat; your choice.
  11. If used on a 38 Chevy the metering rod Gauge is T109-25
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