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  1. This is a picture of 660 N broad.
  2. hwellens

    29 Ply

    Here is some info on your car that may help in finding the part needed.
  3. It may be worth a try to take it to the local tractor dealer. They may be able to match it up
  4. Look at the below data. There were 2 starters used.
  5. Looks like that type was used on a lot of cars. See first column.
  6. Here is a picture of a 1930 Model 70 which should have the same master cylinder:
  7. I have a 30 Chrysler with a Delco distributor and the hold downs are reversed from yours.
  8. Here is the part number for the Cap Cap looks correct as far as the height for the clip. I think STVAUGHN is correct on rotating the bracket that holds the clip 180 degrees.
  9. According to my MOPAR book it only fits a 49 Plymouth.
  10. Sounds like you installed them correctly. Had to be really loose to pop out with almost no pressure. Are you sure you have the correct size? Many Chrysler plugs are sized by the 32nd of an inch.
  11. Here is a picture of my 1927 Dodge with an original Cantrell Body. The only parts that are labeled Cantrell are the decal on the wooden header above the windshield and Cantrell cast into the spare tire holder.
  12. If I had put in the 1925 data, it would have been less questions. However, based on what is below the specials this year came with disk wheels and Nickel shell. Wood wheels were standard. I guess you have to go by serial number. Below is the 1925 Data:
  13. Based on the below description, yours should have the Special Roadster equipment and should have the nickel shell.