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  1. This is not Canadian paint codes but does list a Gem green fpr 38 Desoto
  2. Buick was way ahead of others offering an automatic transmission in 1929 and also having a clutch pedal and floor shift.
  3. Not sure what "sway bar" you are referring to? See picture below.
  4. Here is the answer from a Chrysler brochure:
  5. I addition to what is mentioned above as incorrect you can add; Bumperettes, tail light, gas cap, painted headlight bar, painted emergency brake handle. Here are the stock color combinations. However as option other colors could be ordered at additional cost.
  6. Based on the owners manual, the transmission has bronze bearings. Some transmission oils eat up bronze, Be careful what you use.
  7. It bolts to the head stud. Should help to dampen the vibrations from the motor transferring to the car body
  8. Sounds like you have a 1925 model with the mechanical brakes:
  9. I thought he was asking about the rear end gears not the flywheel? Maybe I misunderstood.
  10. Ring gears interchange on a few Chryslers, but, there are a couple different ratios uses. You need to know the number of teeth on the ring gear. You may be able to find someone that reproduces them?
  11. Late teens - early 20's model T
  12. Maybe all did not need shims, but, in the 30 Chrysler manual it also shows shims.
  13. Call a place that refills them. They must have to deal with expired certified dated cylinders. Maybe take them off your hands.
  14. Unless you are changing the bearings, the existing shims should work OK. Here are some instructions and end play limits:
  15. Looks like no cowl lights. Did it have parking light bulbs in the headlight like 27 Dodges?
  16. Here is a drawing of the rear axle. May help.
  17. Not to be controversial, but, maybe he has a model 52 sold as a 1930 according to other data above? All data must be evaluated before it is determined which may be correct. Below is some other data that indicates Model 53's were call Studebakers after serial number 5073001. Lets see what his engine number is.
  18. May be an old Chrysler marine flat head block? Fuel pumps were in the rear as he has shown. Marine engines had fuel pumps in 1929.
  19. If modified, it would also need a new camshaft to run the pump. Hard modification just to eliminate a vacuum tank. The firewall looks like it has the 4 tapped holes for the vacuum tank brackets. May have been some experimental engine? The 1930 models had a fuel pump. but, located forward.
  20. Not sure what year you are looking for, but, here is some info:
  21. Based on the removable water jacket cover on the left side, it looks like an early engine and not a 1936. Need to see more pictures.