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  1. Has anyone done a 12 volt conversion to a 20s Studebaker 6, just wondering on alternator mounting cheers Russell 👍
  2. Up on sunshine coast my brakes feel ok but it is loosing a little bit of oil out the back apparently there is no seal
  3. Finally fitted them just need to fit throttle cable and 6v electric fuel pump
  4. Where in Oz are you I have a 26 roadster with same system 👍
  5. Awesome that's cool something like I am doing will post pics when it's done 👍
  6. Yeah they will fit original manifold just need adaptors about 3 inches high will post pics when I do it 😉
  7. Yeah looking at fitting two downdraft single barrel Stromberg carbs with electric pump on my 26 Studebaker roadster
  8. Has anyone ever fitted twin downdraft single barrel carbs to a Studebaker flathead six looks like it could be done fairly easy ?
  9. Trying to identify more info on car it is missing the alloy I'd plate on LHF chassis rail ,engine number is ER349482 it has F-6-4 on engine and F-4-27 on cyl head also 123097-2 on engine and 123097-4 on head ,has small plate on firewall with11157 on it , the car has disc wheels and the hydraulic assisted mech brakes is there any way of finding out original chassis build number that's missing on plate thanks 👍
  10. Yeah they had a build chassis type number on an alloy plate attached to chassis behind Left front wheel mine is missing
  11. I have what I think is a 26 Studebaker roadster it has no chassis plate ,eng number is E349432 ,it has F-6-4 on eng and F-4-27 on head plus 123096-2 on eng ,also 11157 on plate on firewall is there any way of finding original chassis number without the plate ?
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