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  1. Awesome that's cool something like I am doing will post pics when it's done 👍
  2. Yeah they will fit original manifold just need adaptors about 3 inches high will post pics when I do it 😉
  3. Yeah looking at fitting two downdraft single barrel Stromberg carbs with electric pump on my 26 Studebaker roadster
  4. Has anyone ever fitted twin downdraft single barrel carbs to a Studebaker flathead six looks like it could be done fairly easy ?
  5. Trying to identify more info on car it is missing the alloy I'd plate on LHF chassis rail ,engine number is ER349482 it has F-6-4 on engine and F-4-27 on cyl head also 123097-2 on engine and 123097-4 on head ,has small plate on firewall with11157 on it , the car has disc wheels and the hydraulic assisted mech brakes is there any way of finding out original chassis build number that's missing on plate thanks 👍
  6. Yeah they had a build chassis type number on an alloy plate attached to chassis behind Left front wheel mine is missing
  7. I have what I think is a 26 Studebaker roadster it has no chassis plate ,eng number is E349432 ,it has F-6-4 on eng and F-4-27 on head plus 123096-2 on eng ,also 11157 on plate on firewall is there any way of finding original chassis number without the plate ?
  8. Is there a difference between the 308 engine in the 55 hudson to the 54 hudson I want to put a 55 engine in my 54 hornet it has the Auto .Was told motors were a different length ? Need to know before I buy it ! Thanks