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7 each 79-84 Rivs in u-pull yard near me also 87-93 5 each


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As stated above there are 12 Rivs in 2 U-Pulls in my area. They are in various colors and with various options.

I am willing to pull parts for you at a nominal fee plus shipping.Terms are cashiers check only, must recieve check before I send part. I am dependable and honest. I am in sales with free time. Some guys go fishing,hunting or golfing... I go junking.

There are NO cars out there with a good trim piece below the drivers seat[79-84].

PM me if you are interested.

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Dave is not blowing his own horn when he says that "I am dependable and honest." I asked Dave to secure some parts for me and he got them for me, packed them securely, and shipped them to me in record time. He charged me what the parts cost plus minimal shipping costs.

Thanks Dave, the parts were delivered today and look great.


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Here is another endorsement for Dave. He and I made a deal for some parts that he went and pulled. He sent out the parts before the check even arrived at his house, a personal check to boot.

Thanks Dave, you are truly an honest guy and a credit to our passion of restoring and driving old buicks.

Hoo Ray for Dave.


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I have had the honor of meeting Dave and having dinner with him in Flint at the National meet. He is a pleasant young man and really does care about the Reatta club. We had a good time and we have done business several time since. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a part for any car not just Reattas and Rivieras. I agree he is honest and can be trusted. Now if we could just teach him something about FOOTBALL it would truly be a better world. Thanks Dave for what you have done for us

Chuck In Wichita

aka Booreatta

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I didn't think 51 was young, but I guess that too is relative.

What's wrong with being a Packer fan? I'm trying to think of how many good years the Chiefs or as in the commercial "CHEFS" have had.

At any rate thanks for the compliment.

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I can get you a used one, but if you have a "diamond" you might try Johnny Jolly. He also has a post for you...

Speaking of parts, I pulled a part for onebadazzsrt and he has not reponded in over 2 weeks. Anyone got his e-mail address? Either give it to me or send him an e-mail that he should check the forum.


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I have not seen any with the 4 wheel disc brake system.

One of the cars actually have a matching set of 4 wire wheel covers. PM me if you are interested.

The chrome stip on the horizontal seat part are broke on every car. If you want the vertical [is this the part you mean?] part I would have to look at. Would this be the drivers or passenger side?

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Ed (aka RivNut) suggested I post the parts I'm looking for in this thread. I own a 1979 Buick Riviera and am also located located in Wisconsin (Cedarburg, near Milwaukee). You wouldn't be able to find a headlamp warning buzzer by chance would you? It's located on the interior of the car just above the fuse panel (in the convenience area).

The one I have now only notifies me that the key is in the ignition, but does not beep if I leave my lights on or don't buckle my seatbelt. If you could find one of those I would gladly pay you for it.

Let me know if you go out to the salvage yard to look. If not, I completely understand! It's getting harder and harder to find parts for my 1979 Buick Riviera. Thank you!!

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Here is a picture of the part I'm looking for. It's on the driver side just under the convenience area (slightly above the fuses). I believe you will have to remove the lower trim piece.

Again, thank you very much in advance!



Here's a picture with a USB jump drive to show size


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