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  1. That is how many of those clamshell Wagons already left us: derbies. Heading out for Colorado Springs tomorrow and will only be back in 3 weeks from now, so probably too late to get a few typical tail gate parts.
  2. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Jim65Riv</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Check with Larry Daisey at ranchoriviera.8m.com. I got a replacement set for my 1965 Riv, sahara mist with saddle standard interior. I was very pleased with the quality, price and service from Larry. </div></div> Hopefully he has some left: when I visited Larry (and Linda) last December he had not much left.
  3. Yesterday I visited the camping site of the Dutch Buick Club: Click photo for some of the Buicks that weekend
  4. What a beautiful combination those two cars
  5. I will try to find some more on trouble diagnosis and scan the pages later today
  6. Congrats Jake!. Triple black with stripe looks very good on a 2 dr. Keep the dealer emblem: too much owners never put those back when repainting a car.
  7. Is there a Riview with an article about all Riviera (Buick Chrome plated)wheels? A search on the internet most hits are about the 4 3/4 wheels and the info about the 5x5 wheels are mostly spread all over the web.
  8. For sale in The Netherlands last year: <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">For sale: Buick Grocery Getter. 1928 Buick Tourer Grocery Getter. Wooden wheels, 6 cylinder, 3 speed transmission. Converted in the USA in the 40's into a delivery/working truck. The base is a sedan. </div></div>
  9. At first, reading your second post, I thought maybe you meant that beautiful Roadmaster I noticed in Springfield, MO while driving around trying to locate a Buick dealer where my 73 Riviera originally came from. Although we drove by quickly (were in a hurry) I thought I saw a 'for sale' sign. I still exactly know the location (even noticed that car in that 'street view' application in google maps)cause if I ever will own a Buick from the 50's it will be a Roadmaster... Car is (was?) located near Kingsbury Forest (east of the 65) But a 70's Buick is as good (even better) IMHO .... Is it a wagon, like 4-speed is suggesting??
  10. Today a trailered '60 Buick Electra which was recently imported from the US and on its way to its new German owner fell off the trailer on the highway here in The Netherlands: Sad photos:
  11. I will go. .. will pick up the 71 Electra June 26 in LA and (probably) travel through CA NV and UT to Colorado Springs. Will visit a few touristic places along the way.
  12. are the 1/4 moldings for a vinyl top or Landau top? (1684070-1 or 1247414-5)? Thanks
  13. It looks to me this Riv has 1974 tail light lenses. The lack of the Riviera logo in the lenses that model year stopped me from a change like that. The 74-76 Riviera era is indeed a 'forgotten' one. Still I'm very impressed by the very smooth drive and luxury compared to all other (US) brands in the mid seventies. Admitting the 455 has a little less power than the years prior, but more than enough to get along with nowadays traffic (I use my '75 Riviera as a daily driver for about 30mls per day)
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