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  1. Thank you Winston. Here is the link if anyone else needs it. https://www.autozone.com/repairguides/GM-Buick-Oldsmobile-Pontiac-Full-Size-1975-1990-Repair-Guide/VACUUM-DIAGRAMS/VACUUM-DIAGRAMS/_/P-0900c152800b13f2
  2. Does anyone have a photo of the diagram for the vacuum hose routing that is found on the fan shroud? Or maybe know where it was hidden in the 1980 Buick Service Manual? Thanks
  3. Thank Kevin, I will message you.
  4. Hi, my Reatta has started giving me the error code Door Ajar but yet I can open and close the door and it will turn the interior lights on and off. Is there just one door open sensor? Thanks
  5. No, but I'm not surprised. I have not posted on AACA in a long time and that website went haywire a long ago.
  6. After driving a few times during daytime they started dimming at night!
  7. I have already had to replace the light sensor with a used on in 2012. Is there a better option to for repairing these now? Thank you.
  8. Thank you Ronnie and 89RedDarkGrey I see now there is not any limit switches built internally. On my way to put them in.
  9. I am trying to review all the info I can find on replacing the power window motors on my car. I have one out of the passenger door. We took the window out with it being maybe 1/4 way down. Is this going to be a problem when the new motor is replaced or does it not matter based on limit switches built into the motor?
  10. Thank you Dave. I miss seeing everyone at the ROA shows, maybe next year.
  11. Can anyone recommend a company that sells the door seals to go around the front, back and lower part of the doors for 1985 Riviera? The set I had received as a door prize a few years ago from an ROA meet split and came apart in several places. Just wondering who might of successfully used a set. Thanks
  12. Winston the difference in the way the 307 runs on non ethanol fuel is amazing. I will be seeing you soon.
  13. Ed that is such a wrong comment. There was no engineering in 1985 for ethanol blended fuel. My cars all have the same fuel lines and carbs that get gummed up with ethanol.
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