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  1. Thank you Winston. Here is the link if anyone else needs it. https://www.autozone.com/repairguides/GM-Buick-Oldsmobile-Pontiac-Full-Size-1975-1990-Repair-Guide/VACUUM-DIAGRAMS/VACUUM-DIAGRAMS/_/P-0900c152800b13f2
  2. Does anyone have a photo of the diagram for the vacuum hose routing that is found on the fan shroud? Or maybe know where it was hidden in the 1980 Buick Service Manual? Thanks
  3. Thank Kevin, I will message you.
  4. Hi, my Reatta has started giving me the error code Door Ajar but yet I can open and close the door and it will turn the interior lights on and off. Is there just one door open sensor? Thanks
  5. No, but I'm not surprised. I have not posted on AACA in a long time and that website went haywire a long ago.
  6. After driving a few times during daytime they started dimming at night!
  7. I have already had to replace the light sensor with a used on in 2012. Is there a better option to for repairing these now? Thank you.
  8. John, I'd love to see pics and hear about your parting out and what you find out about getting the door panels rebuilt. I'm going to attempt to rebuild mine this summer.
  9. Yeah they aren't fun to take out. I have done two. If your heater core has not been replaced and you have it off, after 3? years I would replace it. It is not fun doing the dashes. Also there is something quirky about where the dash screws into the firewall near the bottom of the windshield. Every car I have been in that has had the dash taken out will make a strange noise occasionally when you go over harsh bumps. It's like the screw clips are jarred and rubs against something. At this time I can not locate the exact cause of this but maybe taking a dash out this summer so I might find
  10. Barney the power antenna you repaired works great!! It sits just right in the fender, doesn't lean too much. So nice to finally have a factory power antenna working properly. Guys get those broke antennas sent to Barney for the steel cable replacement. Works great! Thanks again
  11. Yes slams some in reverse but not as bad as drive. I will have to ask them about the TV cable adjustment but they knew about that up front. What would make the line pressure too high, malfunctioning line pressure reg valve or wrong missing springs/balls? I'm about to take this car back to the shop so the fun will start there. It's always difficult to take something back after someones worked on it when they think there isn't anything wrong with it...
  12. Okay it wasn't a shift kit but a 2800 rpm stall torque converter, a new drive chain, clutch packs, maybe a new pump. That thing is the first E-body that would smoke a Mustang! This was in my 85 T-type Riviera Blackhawk Super-modified.
  13. Ed there was not a 2.78 it was 2.73 (F47), T-types were 3:15 or 3:36 (FW4) depending on the year. http://www.79-85gm-ebodies.org/
  14. Paul what do you suggest might be wrong with a 325-4L that slams when put into Drive after a cold start with a higher than normal (warm) idle? I've had one that needed the valve body changed and it never used to slam but slid into gear during a higher idle now after the valve body replacement it slams into gear if idling a little high. The shop suggested it was idling too high but it didn't do that before hand. Ohh and I have an 84 Turbo Riv that I think Dave put a high performance shift kit in, it was a very high output engine lots of upgrades and yes it snapped your neck when it shifted.
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