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  1. Hi Mr. Franklin: My best advice for you is to check the CCCA Forum under Technicsl, up above here as well as to check out the Willys Overland Knight Registry forum at wokr.org. Post your query there - plenty of great, knowledgeable Knight folk there to help you with your Four Cylinder Sleeve Valve.
  2. Hi Drew: I have a Steering Column - NO Steering Wheel. Fits 1915 Closed OR 1916 Open T. PM me if you're interested. Thanks. (it came from a 1916 Touring). Thanks, EH.
  3. Looking to purchase a Steering Wheel & Horn Button for a 1940 Willys!!! If the wheel requires work - no problem. The Horn Button can be good or not - need one for a pattern. Will try to reproduce one; if I can't locate a good, useable Horn Button. If you have a 1933 - 1936 Steering Wheel OR Horn Button - I'd be interested, as well. Thanks loads!!!!!
  4. Just wondering if anyone has any info; photos or ??? details on 1933 - 1936 Willys Model 77 Speedsters or Midget Racers etc.? I've seen at least one photo of a Speedster. Thanks for your help & assistance.
  5. Certainly hope you're feeling better now! Look forward to seeing more photos of your woodgraining work - along with any tips you have to pass on. Thanks for posting.
  6. Here's a guy in Montana to get a quote from - does great glass!!!!! CBlattie at aol dot com or Private Message me for his phone number. Tell him Willys 77 sent the recommendation.
  7. I'm searching for 1932 Ford Pickup Truck Door Hinges. I'm not sure if the larger trucks share the same hinges or not. Are 1933 & 1934 Ford Truck Hinges the same as 1932??? Would take either half of the hinge - door portion or cowl portion! Thanks for any help &/or leads!
  8. Nice to see some of the more "uncommon & less popular" cars being resurrected! Had an opportunity to obtain a '42 Coupe years ago - but did not - unfortunately. Go for it.
  9. Hi George. Thanks for the note. Can you email a photo or two, please? Is the wheel a solid disc or does it have cutouts in it? That will determine the year. Thanks! Tom
  10. Hello firetruckdoc! And any others with Willys parts - STILL searching for any parts, whatsoever! Send a PM or please email me??? Thank you.
  11. If the Meteor was mine, I'd want to preserve it, best as possible. You could soda blast the floor & frame - not taking it apart or pull it apart? Depends on the amount of rust. I'd rather have the Meteor than a tri-five Chevy. My '64 Beaumont (for sale) is neater than a comparable Chevelle in my opinion. Just sayin'. Others may not agree & that's fine with me.
  12. Hello tmarvin. The Aluminum Heads are factory "Made In Canada" items. I'm not an expert, but did own a '51 Meteor Coupe back in the day! Sold or traded off, unfortunately. They're still out there - what do you need? Likely trim items - these are "Meteor Specific" for the year. Send me a pm & I'll look for a few parts, if you wish? Where are you?
  13. Looking to purchase ANY '35-'36 or early 1937 Willys Pickup Truck or Panel Delivery "specific" sheet metal!!!!!! Body parts from the "rear" of the Passenger Cab and back. Also want Fenders; Hood Side Panels, Grille Panel and Panel between the front frame horns. Leads appreciated. Thank you very much for your help in locating any of these parts.
  14. '41 Ford Tudor or Coach. Not exactly sure of the Model. Probably a "Standard" as opposed to a more DeLuxe version. Some Ford expert will weigh in, likely.
  15. Hi Steve. There should be a couple of holes on the firewall corresponding to the holes in the tag. This is just a guess - should be near the master cylinder or brake booster. Not sure but on the left side.
  16. Hi Pat. Don't give up - these things take time! You may want to try the "vcca chat" Chevy site, as well. Post the complete Data Plate Info & that will get you results. Example of Data info is: Job Number, Serial Number, Body Serial Number, Engine Serial Number, Paint & Trim Codes etc. Hope this helps. (The Data Plate is on the firewall, by the way).
  17. Trunk Latches & Locking Hardware & Rear Side Window Garnish Moldings for 1933 Town or Close-Coupled (Two Door) Sedan wanted. Also the circular "Covers" for the '33 Garnish Moldings. Any other miscellaneous parts & pieces!!! 1934 Master Coupe Rear Window Molding wanted! Thank you for your help. Leads appreciated.
  18. Looking for Pre-War International Cabover Truck - preferably complete! Also, IHC Metro Delivery Van &/or ANY Parts. Require Fender Skirts, Skirt Emblems - broken but complete is okay - if useable for patterns! Headlight Trim Rings, Tail Lights, Handles, Gauges, Nameplates, Grilles, Parts & Stainless Trim. Manuals, Dealership Items, Sales Brochures etc.. Please let me know what you have. Leads appreciated. Thank you for your replies.
  19. Hi Dwight: Could you email me a list of the parts you have for sale with Prices, Photos? & Condition? Thanks! Tom
  20. PM me for a Mat provider - if you care to. Thanks!
  21. Now that you've ordered those two modeling books - you can do a "Roger" on that 1934 Chevy Master!!! Scratch build it - bigger is better & easier, isn't it???
  22. Hi Pat - should have asked earlier - being that you found a 1933 Coupe rear Garnish Molding; was there any other Window Moldings or other parts available? I need the little round covers for the '33 Moldings & any other wood brackets & braces etc. that I can find. Thanks again - keep up the stellar work! (when does the 1/12 scale model '34 Master Coupe work start?).
  23. When I locate the proper 1934 Master Coupe Rear Window Molding - we'll have to engineer a swap there, Pat!!!!
  24. I saw this very same light on the web before now - searched yesterday & couldn't locate it again. Will keep looking for you.
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