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  1. Second to what Mat said. I have ordered product for 6 cars. Always was promised product was in stock. Cloth for my 1960 Invicta took 21 months. full payment was made when ordered. I called every 2 months and was told it would be soon. You feel trapped when they have your money. Cant cancel the order with the bank after several months. Another order was two years. I am grateful for the correct patterns and product even though it is costly. I dont understand why they cant be up front when they dont have enough to fill an order when the take your money. I still recommend them and use them. I tell other to order as soon as you decide to do you seats, as it can be a loooooooooooooooong time before you receive it. Steve
  2. The 63 Buick did not come with chrome road wheels. 64 was the fist year, and they will fit he 63. The hubs and wheels are both 5 on 5 , but 63, 64 and maybe 65 have a larger center on the axle and drum hub. The later wheels will rock around as it is hitting the center hub. I have seen washers used under each stud. Better to find a early set of wheels. And make sure you dont end up with Skylark wheels as Roberta says.....
  3. A week ago on my Honeymoon in Victoria B.C. At the Craigdarroch Castle built in the 1890 best the wealthiest person on the west coast of Canada. Great house to tour, the inside is just amazing. Oh the car, 1953 Super convertible Matador Red. My parents took this trip in 1953 with the same car on their honeymoon.
  4. Aftermarket, Bobs sells them $55 for 2 - a pair
  5. Is this a 5 bolt wheel or 6? And the tire diameter. I have several nice ones, but off a Canadian Buick. They may have used chevy wheels?
  6. And judging can differ after several years with different judges. Now I am interested in seeing the car- any pictures to post for us? Steve
  7. OK, Enough. I was in Denver, was a great show! I attended the membership meeting and BOD meeting. It was surprising at times, but i felt the meeting were run very well and according to bylaws. This forum is not a meeting of the BOD. I saw volunteers working very hard to better the club and the majority of the board had great ideas and positive things for the future. Why is anyone poking the bear with repeated questions, demanding answers, after the moderator asked that all wait for the meeting minutes to be printed. Both meetings were very long and will take many hours and days and maybe weeks for the transcribing by another volunteer. I ask all the have posted some negative and demanding remarks to remember that you all are picking on volunteers. Yes they do need to be accountable, but not picked on. And I think anyone that has negative things to say should be willing to do volunteer work at meets, be a Buick Club member and volunteer in there own regional club. As a business owner and member of several boards, I saw things at both meetings ran properly. I am excited for things to come, this issue to become old history. The Buick club is looked up to by many other clubs and all are enviousness of our awesome monthly magazine. I want to thank all the board members, editors and moderators for their time. You all enrich the Buick hobby and expand my friendships with your volunteering. Steve
  8. I agree, wonderful meet. The prewar parking was great! I heard good responses form all , including the ladies that liked the ability to see the changes thru the years ( the report from my sweetheart). Was great to see a lot of rides given to many people in a 1908 2 cylinder Buick. If they didn't have all the seats filled for a ride around the parking lot, they found someone to eagerly clime in. The tour to the Rambler ranch was amazing- I wasn't expecting a private car collection of 180 or so inside and another 300 over acres of land with free reign to explore. I was a kid in a candy store. I did attend the membership and board meetings. Some surprises I didn't know were happening, but all seems to be for the health of the club. Steve
  9. I think the triple stripe tire made by Diamond back is stunning, As far as jugging, they have reduced the deduction for radial's to one point a tire. Half of what is was. I would by wary of the Lucas white walls. The last set of Lucas tires I bought wont stay white. They turn brown of a couple of months. .
  10. Serious inquiries only, Don't need to sell! Serious Cash offers, and/or New England land trade possible. Don't ask me what my price is, you will be ignored. - Land trade? So is land real cheap in New England? Looks like a poorly stored old restoration. This guy wont air up the tires or clean his $8,000 car, and does he the he think its worth 80k ?? Oh well good amusement.
  11. I am looking for a 65 Wildcat 'tilt column' for a floor shift car - Thanks
  12. Thanks you Lamar for you wise and careful input. I was one of the first that remarked on this thread and I am looking forward to the National and how the parking works out for all. It does seem this thread is going on to long as the desired outcome has been achieved. I say let see how it goes and then report AFTER the nationals what we thought about it. So I for one would like to see this thread die - or die down until after the show. Steve
  13. John- Have you ever used the services of a doctor? Lawyer? Dentist? Bought groceries at a grocery store? Hired a electrician? Carpenter? Those professions mark up their wares and services far more than vintage car dealers do. Why would you say such a thing about vintage car dealers? Your statement is an ignorant generalization. I have bought several significant cars from dealers and have always been pleased. I know more than a few of them. Most are in the profession because they really like vintage cars and not because they want to get rich. You have been luckier then most. All the cars I have bought from dealers were overstated and much higher asking price. I get the selling dealer has overhead and needs to make a living. But most seem to brag about the good items and NEVER mention things that are weak or need attention. I own a repair shop that works on classic cars and the ones that come from auction or another dealer seem to have many more hidden problems to resolve. They are shines and look good but have so many issues. Yes there are some honest classic dealers, but in my experiences this the minority. We all should inspect the car before the purchase, but because of time, extra cost we tend to trust the seller..... so as always buyer beware. Stweve
  14. Looking for a good working AM/FM radio for 1965 Riviera. 1963-65 riviera - or 63-64 big car should work. or - a good recommendation to send my am/fm out for repair . Thanks, Steve
  15. What does it fit? From what engine to what transmission?