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  1. Are the intake sleeves in the head? They line up the intake to the head and hold the gasket in place. If they are lost or left out the gaskets will move and loose the seal. The manifolds will always move a little and each warm up on cool down, you dont the the gaskets to move.
  2. My paents ordered and picked up their 1953 Super Convertible from Flint in 1953. My father found there was a cost saving to buy airline tickets to flint for 3, hotel and fuel. Still saved on the cost of paying for transport. I spoke with my mother several months ago when she asked if I wanted there one way airline ticket stubs she found from when they picked up the car in 53. Yep I saved them. My mother told me my father wanted the car under coated before they drove it back. The car has sent to a nearby dealer, undercoated while they waited, then off they went. Yes I still have the car.
  3. Cancel ! There is so much planning and cost for a 'maybe' event. Then if lightly attended it would be a big loss. Lets wait till its safe, and that wont be known until a couiple of safe months after this ends. So next year.....
  4. Pete, wouldn't this fit 1959-63 because of the Dynoflow crankshaft?? Steve
  5. I will take them, Sent you a message and text. Steve
  6. Just installed a set , Dorman # 555-052 You should be able to cross reference the number. Buick used some odd sizes. Most in 64ths.
  7. What series is the 1935. They had small head lights and large. I have a pair of large. Steve
  8. Second to what Mat said. I have ordered product for 6 cars. Always was promised product was in stock. Cloth for my 1960 Invicta took 21 months. full payment was made when ordered. I called every 2 months and was told it would be soon. You feel trapped when they have your money. Cant cancel the order with the bank after several months. Another order was two years. I am grateful for the correct patterns and product even though it is costly. I dont understand why they cant be up front when they dont have enough to fill an order when the take your money. I still recommend them and use them. I tell other to order as soon as you decide to do you seats, as it can be a loooooooooooooooong time before you receive it. Steve
  9. The 63 Buick did not come with chrome road wheels. 64 was the fist year, and they will fit he 63. The hubs and wheels are both 5 on 5 , but 63, 64 and maybe 65 have a larger center on the axle and drum hub. The later wheels will rock around as it is hitting the center hub. I have seen washers used under each stud. Better to find a early set of wheels. And make sure you dont end up with Skylark wheels as Roberta says.....
  10. A week ago on my Honeymoon in Victoria B.C. At the Craigdarroch Castle built in the 1890 best the wealthiest person on the west coast of Canada. Great house to tour, the inside is just amazing. Oh the car, 1953 Super convertible Matador Red. My parents took this trip in 1953 with the same car on their honeymoon.
  11. Aftermarket, Bobs sells them $55 for 2 - a pair
  12. Is this a 5 bolt wheel or 6? And the tire diameter. I have several nice ones, but off a Canadian Buick. They may have used chevy wheels?
  13. And judging can differ after several years with different judges. Now I am interested in seeing the car- any pictures to post for us? Steve
  14. OK, Enough. I was in Denver, was a great show! I attended the membership meeting and BOD meeting. It was surprising at times, but i felt the meeting were run very well and according to bylaws. This forum is not a meeting of the BOD. I saw volunteers working very hard to better the club and the majority of the board had great ideas and positive things for the future. Why is anyone poking the bear with repeated questions, demanding answers, after the moderator asked that all wait for the meeting minutes to be printed. Both meetings were very long and will take many hours and days and maybe weeks for the transcribing by another volunteer. I ask all the have posted some negative and demanding remarks to remember that you all are picking on volunteers. Yes they do need to be accountable, but not picked on. And I think anyone that has negative things to say should be willing to do volunteer work at meets, be a Buick Club member and volunteer in there own regional club. As a business owner and member of several boards, I saw things at both meetings ran properly. I am excited for things to come, this issue to become old history. The Buick club is looked up to by many other clubs and all are enviousness of our awesome monthly magazine. I want to thank all the board members, editors and moderators for their time. You all enrich the Buick hobby and expand my friendships with your volunteering. Steve
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