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  1. Fellow, your attention to detail is awe inspiring. Mine is not. That will be one incredibly good looking and performing ride when completed. You are being meticulous in your restoration.
  2. OMG no I am not driving on those, the new ones actually came in today and are now on the car.
  3. I will be replacing the Sears Allstate tires on the old girl tomorrow. I was wondering if anyone knows how to decipher the code on the tires to determine when they were manufactured. I am just curious.
  4. Its been 4 summers now, I don't have heat in the garage. Its a "just gonna have fun with it" project, so while I've been working on it I was not about to attempt a PROFESSIONAL restoration. I don't have the $$$ or the expertise. I've been lucky so far asI was able to find all NOS parts or OEM reproduction parts. I am about to get it street legal I am just deciding many of my budget $$ i am going to spend on tires.
  5. I love seeing this as it is being done. Your attention to what seems the smallest detail is awesome. I have followed this post for a long time, and it has made me wish this caliber of restoration was more affordable. I know time and expertise are costly and I completely understand it. I am jealous of the person having this done, I wish it was within my means to do it as well. Again, your work and craftsmanship is outstanding, that's one lucky car to have your guys restoring it.
  6. from experience I speak. Find out what all you could possibly need. Then stat looking to make sure you can get all the pieces. My 42 Ford G series 6 cylinder has several parts that are not available. Had I known that before I took it to the machine shop I would have put in a V8 flathead. I can't get a fuel pump, every oil pan gasket I have gotten hasn't been an exact fit, and the oil pump internal gears aren't available. Just make sure before you spend the dollars to get some parts that you can get all the parts you need.
  7. That is one sweet looking very meticulously assembled engine, as is everything you have done.
  8. That motor sure looks good, but everything you've done has been outstanding as well. I've said it before, youre attention to detail is incredible.
  9. Fellow i wish I had your talent. those panels loook excellent.
  10. Coyote, That beast is looking good. You have so much patience it is incredible. As for those foam plugs, thats a great idea, I would have never thought of those and yet I have a bunch in my junk drawer. Well, guess I am off to the garage to clean up 4-1/2 gallons of antfreeze.
  11. The stuff called cast blast is from another company, sorry
  12. Martin, I dont know how you feel about the "cast iron" look but I found what I think is high temp cast look spray at Eastwood. It's called cast blast, I am pretty sure its for things like exhaust manifolds. I will look into it more and if it is I am considering it for the manifolds on my car. Eddie
  13. I take it the primer is at the parts store too. Awesome, ty for the help. My engine is kinda together, I have to put new head studs in, and the externals of the flat head back on. Then like you, I'll redo the other parts and put them back in. I am waiting for the head studs and new clutch/pp-t/o bearing to come in so i can have it all new from the fan to the back drum. Thanks again for the insight, after coming this far, I want to make sure I do all I can do to make it as right as I can.
  14. I have a queston for you. What paint are you using on your motor parts? My engine is back from the machine shop and I need to get it painted. I just havent decided to paint first or assmeble first. I do like the looks of your parts so I thoguht I'd ask you about your paint.
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