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  1. Ron: The 29-24 roadster was an Australian only car. I run a Club for 1929 Buicks and have 22 listed in the Directory. Send me your email (to <Bill@29Buick.ca>) and I'll send you the list and contacts and we should be able to get you some help. Bill McLaughlin 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Club Toronto, Canada
  2. I've a pair of circa 30's fog light lenses that need a clean-up and a scratch removed. I've had a suggestion that the auto glass fixers could eliminate the scratch with whatever they use to repair cracked windshields - any thoughts ? Any other suggestions ? Bill McLaughlin
  3. Ray: My car is covered but I can go out and look, if you need it. The Master pump's inlet at the bottom is a 90 degree angle - photo 1 and the Standard is a 45 degree angle - photo 2. The insides are the same. Bill McL
  4. Also try <http://www.classicandvintagebulbs.com/>. Bill McL
  5. Ernie: I have never seen a full copy of the 1929 Engineering Info Manual so not sure what is all in it. However, the index and number off pages in it on Kevin's website would indicate that there would be lots. Which Buick-Marquette 1930 Fisher Body Manual are you referring to ? Bill McLaughlin
  6. Ernie: A 1929 original came up maybe 25 years ago and sold, on eBay for something like $1,500. You can check it out at: <http://1929buick.com/gallery/engineering>. When you get ready to restore your 29's, let me know. Bill McLaughlin
  7. Ernie: They were bought like that; Universal's tubes with a bent stem. U86600 F19/20 600/700-19/20 TR-150 RS TUBE. Bill McL
  8. Yes, you can modify a 29 Buick original air filter to house a replacement filter. See pictures at <https://www.29buickphotos.com/Repairs/Air-Filter-Modification/> Bill McLaughlin
  9. Way to go Steve and Al. Congrats ! Bill Mclaughlin
  10. Corleone: PM me or send an email to Bill at 29buick.ca and I'll send you ways to unfreeze your 29 Buick clutch and also info on the 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Club. Bill McLaughlin
  11. Happy New Year All; I received this picture from Charlie Ferguson who says "My grandpa has a buick with this serial number on it. Were just inquiring about the car. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks." Thanks. Bill McLaughlin
  12. You may have problems fitting a 700x20” into the wheel wells on the sidemounts. if they go in, one advantage will be that you may be able to see out of the sidemount mirrors. Bill McLaughlin
  13. Ernie: Found a picture of my bent stem. Bill McLaughlin
  14. Some years ago, I purchased a McLaughlin Boyce Moto-Meter piece of artwork, I assume used to create the McLaughlin Moto-Meters. Photos show front, back and close up of back (dated 12/30/22 and 1/23/23). Bill McLaughlin
  15. John: Send, send them along and I'll send to Iwan and also post on <29Buickphotos.com>. Thanks. Bill McL
  16. Just received an email from Iwan van Sprang (<sprangmeurs@upcmail.nl) in The Netherlands who has a 1931 Buick sport coupe which doesn't have any of the windshield raising mechanism. He is looking for technical information and pictures of this mechanism. Can anyone help ? Bill McLaughlin
  17. Brian: Here’s my broken one. Looks to be the same as yours - Master 29 or 30. Stay safe. Bill McL
  18. Brian: Sorry - was changing over to a new computer this past week. Yes, it looks 29 (or 30)but there were 2 sizes - Master and Standard. The Advance and Close were on the outer ring (see photo). What size is yours ? I'll go too garage and measure. Bill McL
  19. Stubern 1: It was originally a 1929 Buick model 29-44 - a 2 door Roadster with a rumble seat (serial number 2293995 falls in the 6th [2293573 - 2294019] of 8 serial number blocks for this model). I'd be happy to spread the word among 29 Buick owners in the area - where is the frame, etc. ? Or happy to put an ad for it (no cost) in my next 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Newsletter (closes Jan. 20 / 21). Bill McLaughlin Editor and Publisher 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Newsletter
  20. Just had a call from Bruce Ward, in Nova Scotia and the following McLaughlins or Buicks are for sale, about 2 hours west of Halifax. Where ?, he doesn’t know if it’s a Mclaughlin or Buick, yet. He is trying to flesh out more information on each, which I’ll pass along when received. He has a trucker available. Contract him directly, if interested: Bruce Ward <marbru@eastlink.ca> Tel: 902-765-4880. 1918 McLaughlin - Restored 1919 ? - Roadster - Restored 1923 ? - Dr. Coupe - Not Restored (untouched) 1927 Buick - - Restored 1928 ? - Landa
  21. Ernie: I have 20" Disc wheels on my 29 Roadster and use Universal's tubes with a bent stem. They are: U86600 F19/20 600/700-19/20 TR-150 RS TUBE Somewhere, I have a spare tube and can measure the bend for you, if needed. Bill McLaughlin
  22. Hello: Sent you an email but haven't heard from you. Bill McL Bill@29Buick.ca
  23. Try: <Bill@rolltop.net> or <rolltop@sympatico.ca>
  24. Hugh: This is what a fire, caused by gas falling on the exhaust pipe, looks like. It was caused by the Dole Primer pump's connection to the gas line leaking out just above the exhaust pipe. Managed to get fire out before it destroyed the car. Bill McLaughlin 1929 McLaughlin Buick Roadster
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