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  1. Aaron,

    My sister inlaw had a 68 Mustang and had burnt valves twice, once while still in Warranty and once shortly after. It seemed to be a problem with those for some unknown reason. My wife had a 67 w/289 and we didn't have that problem. I dunno!? After a few years they were traded of so I don't know if they continued to have problems or not.

    Maybe you have a bad cam lobe?

    Anyway, back to the subject of the thread, LEAD.

    I checked the lobe lift at #8 before I tore it apart. I checked just about EVERYTHING before I tore it apart. Either way, I rebuilt it last summer and have 1000 miles on it all over again, and the original factory build and junkyard heads I put on in high school didn't owe me anything anymore.

  2. I always shunned lead additive as being unnecessary, but changed my mind last summer. I pulled the heads from my Mustang's 289 (I slapped them on from the junkyard in '94, and put 75,000 miles on them, but it looked like they had been cleaned up), and #8 exhaust valve was severely recessed. It was bad enough that #8 wasn't firing. Anecdotal evidence for sure, but worthy of consideration just the same.

  3. Sorry Aaron, didn't notice. It was 28 degrees with snow on the ground and I was on a mission.

    I'm sure he has stuff, just call him and check. He has shelves organized by years. He isn't just giving stuff away, but he would much rather get what he has sold to somebody who can use it rather than crushed.

    Thanks Mike...I did talk to them on the phone, but I just asked for any interior/exterior trim. I didn't have anything else specific in mind, so I guess I'm not even sure what to ask for! :)

  4. I've always loved first gens, and have looked at several of them for sale over the last 13 or 14 years. None of them were ever quite the right one, and I've noticed that they're now just out of the price range I'm comfortable with for old cars (initial investment). I don't mind putting money in cars over time, but that initial hit (especially when I have five old cars) is a bit of a deal breaker for me. I think I missed my chance, but I still watch the classifieds!

  5. I sure understand your dilemma, as that's a beautiful truck. I, personally, get very itchy in the winter when I can't drive any of mine...it would become overwhelming for me NOT to drive that thing. I'm glad I'm more of a #3-#4 condition kind of guy so I don't have to worry about it! :)

  6. I personally had to be towed because of a carb failure. I now carry an EFI set up. I also wear a belt, suspenders, and velcro. What it comes down to is if you are comfortable with points and don't mind the hassle use them. If you like the maintenance free aspect of an electronic switch use it. Both can, on occasion, fail for one reason or another. Anything made by the hand of man will, at some point, fail. In the mean time they both work fine. The best defense against failures of any kind or sort is a AAA policy. Oy vey already............Bob.

    This made my day, Bob... :)

  7. My recent experience with condensers that took a long boat ride to get to the US is not to change one that is working. The last time I did a tune-up after 9 years just for general principles I was treated to a flatbed ride home when the wire came out of my Asian condenser. The 9 year old one is back in and working fine.

    When your points are just worn with no sign of arcing or deposits of material from surface to surface the condenser is doing its job. Leave it in. I have decided to only install Echlin points is I have to buy local. NAPA has them. Otherwise I am stocking up on genuine old stock for Ebay and the like. The general consumer auto parts stores are selling very suspicious, low quality items.

    If my 9 year old one goes bad I have an unused condenser that is probably at least 20 years old to replace it with.

    By the way, am I the only one who remembers what NOS and NORS means? Ebay sellers need a class.


    I've had a few sets seem to suspiciously go bad on me lately...It's a sad day when you can't even get a reliable set of points and a condenser anymore.

  8. Michigan salts roads with the best of them...the first time they salt, the cars go into hibernation. I add Stabil to the tanks, but don't fill them. Michigan gas turns bad faster than you can look at it (personal experience). I jack the tires up about 10 psi, maybe undo the battery ground, check to make sure they're reasonably clean, and that's it. I usually don't start or move them.

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