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  1. I sent my coil to Skip's 3 years ago. I had no problem with shipping either way and have not had any issues with the coil. The coil was rebuilt by another vendor twice that stated he could rebuilt it and I had problems with it both times within one year of him rebuilding it. You may save a little money on the rebuild or shipping but if it's not done correctly you wasted more time and money. Good luck George.
  2. I have used Rhode Island Wiring in the past and had no issues with them. They're helpful and have quality harness's. Good luck George.
  3. I was thinking about the engine mounts. I replaced them maybe 15 years ago with rebuilt ones from Richard Hommel. I wasn't sure of the quality of them at the time. I'll check mine out if it ever stops raining here in the northeast. Thank you for the reply, George.
  4. Hi guys. What is the symptoms of a faulty balancer? I have an engine vibration on deceleration but no engine misfire and plenty of power. Thank you for any suggestions, George
  5. Hi Dennis I hope these pictures help. George
  6. I'll remove the fender skirt from my 48 Continental tomorrow, take a picture and try to attach it tomorrow night but it will be around 10pm. For the gravel guards, I snipped off the tips because they also didn't line up and used 3M yellow super weather strip and gasket adhesive. They haven't pulled away after 2 1/2 years. George
  7. I've used ATF in my pump for several years now. In the cold weather they work a bit slow but I don't have to worry about paint problems if they leak.
  8. Hi Mike I bought a trunk carpet kit from them for my '48 Continental Coupe around 8/2015. She told me that her husband had retired but that she was still able to supply a kit that I could purchase. The phone number I have for her is 336-492-2286. Good luck George.
  9. Thank you Ken that makes perfect sense . I forgot they found that the engine had solid lifters. George.
  10. Hello I was just wondering what the reason was for blocking of the metering valve? What would someone experience if the valve remained in place? Thanks George.
  11. Years ago the LZOC had a meet in Lincoln New Hampshire. Since it was only hours away from home my late wife (Joanne) and I decided to go with my not yet restored '48 Lincoln Continental. Well it was more like my idea and she came along. We no sooner get on Rte 93 heading north and it started to rain, not a heavy rain just a steady one. Of course this was only the second time I had the car out in the rain and it leaked from the windshield, cowl vent and wiper towers. We ended up finding a Walmart or Target and bought towels to cover our legs and soak up the floor. We made it to Lincoln had a great time and also laughed about it. I guess with the right person you can enjoy any situation. George.
  12. Thanks for the replies. That was the way I thought it went. I just wanted to be sure I don't want to scratch the paint installing it incorrectly and then having to take it apart. I've owned the car for 34 years, registered and driven all of them except the last two. I want to get it back together and drive it before I have to put it away. Thanks again and I'll post more pictures as more complete it gets. George,
  13. My Lincoln is back from the body shop 2 years and 4 days. Above is the before and after. Now comes the fun part reinstalling what I took off and what the body shop removed. My question is about the windshield seal and how it is installed. It looks like it goes around the windshield glass and then butts up to the windshield opening and is held in place by the windshield trim inside the car. Is that true? The chrome trim on the outside of the windshield looks like it fits in the lip that goes around the opening. There appears to be a channel in the trim for it to slip into. This was taken off at the body shop and I'm not sure if I have it figure out correctly. Thanks for any help. George.
  14. I've owned the car for over 30 years, I did remove the screws and plate so that I could open the trunk and I don't remember if the lock works. The bodyshop would like the lock and bezel out of the trunk lid to sand and paint the lid. I may take the lid and try freeing it up. The other question I have is most key cylinders I've removed in the past needed to have the key installed so the tumbler would go past the housing I imagine this is the same set up. If that is the case then I should just saw it off and get a replacement cylinder. What do you think?
  15. Hi everyone my 48 Continental is at the body shop and I need to remove the trunk lid lock. I don't remember if the lock works but just need to remove the cylinder. It looks like there is a set screw the must hold the cylinder in place. Of course it's frozen. Can I drill it out to release the key cylinder? Any suggestions are welcomed. George.