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  1. The tires are 700-15 Lester wide whites, bias ply tubeless polyester cord with a 6 ply rating. The spare I didn't bother with, just used the best of the tires that was on the car. Hope that helps. George
  2. I've been running tubeless tires for the last 10 years. Occasionally I need to put air in one tire, it drops around 5lbs of air. They are bias ply tires. I'm not sure if radials hold the air better. George.
  3. What I've done in the past is remove the top deflection shroud and wire a piece of cardboard on the engine side of the radiator. The radiator is best installed by two persons, each one holding on to the upper radiator necks. Leave the fan in place, you may need to rotate the fan so that the radiator passes by it. The cardboard protects it so it can be tilted back to slide down. George.
  4. if you look in the Lincoln Chassis Parts Catalog on page 311 it listed as 5EH 18293 Kit automatic windshield washer '47 &'48. Hope that helps. George.
  5. I bought one from Boose-Herrel and it fit perfectly. That was three years ago and it still looks good. George.
  6. Thank you for the information. I have a used one that I just purchased and I'll separate it from the column and have it rebuilt than I can replace the one in the car with no down time. George.
  7. There is a listing in the LZOC magazine by a Jim Manz but it lists Zephyr '37 to '40. You might send him an email. His email is manzjim@gmail.com Good luck. George
  8. Hello everyone, I have a '48 Continental Coupe and I would like to remove the steering box to have it rebuilt. My question is does the shaft separate from the box or does the shaft come out with the column minus the steering wheel? I haven't been able to locate removal instructions. Thanks in advance for any help given George
  9. I sent my coil to Skip's 3 years ago. I had no problem with shipping either way and have not had any issues with the coil. The coil was rebuilt by another vendor twice that stated he could rebuilt it and I had problems with it both times within one year of him rebuilding it. You may save a little money on the rebuild or shipping but if it's not done correctly you wasted more time and money. Good luck George.
  10. I have used Rhode Island Wiring in the past and had no issues with them. They're helpful and have quality harness's. Good luck George.
  11. I was thinking about the engine mounts. I replaced them maybe 15 years ago with rebuilt ones from Richard Hommel. I wasn't sure of the quality of them at the time. I'll check mine out if it ever stops raining here in the northeast. Thank you for the reply, George.
  12. Hi guys. What is the symptoms of a faulty balancer? I have an engine vibration on deceleration but no engine misfire and plenty of power. Thank you for any suggestions, George
  13. Hi Dennis I hope these pictures help. George
  14. I'll remove the fender skirt from my 48 Continental tomorrow, take a picture and try to attach it tomorrow night but it will be around 10pm. For the gravel guards, I snipped off the tips because they also didn't line up and used 3M yellow super weather strip and gasket adhesive. They haven't pulled away after 2 1/2 years. George
  15. I've used ATF in my pump for several years now. In the cold weather they work a bit slow but I don't have to worry about paint problems if they leak.
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