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  1. No prob! Hes a great guy and full of useful information, if you are ever stuck needing to know something. Trust me! I know! Hahhahah Chris
  2. Yes.... Contact this website and email found there..(see link)..... Gentleman's name is Chris.....Great guy and he will help you out.
  3. Mssr. Bwatoe, Thank you and I didnt paint the tube. Thats still the cast aluminum. I just cleaned her up. I did a 600 grit wet sand to clean her up (almost like polished aluminum)
  4. Thanks Bloo! I actually got it apart. But I still found that the internal can that contains the mesh is sealed....I mean really sealed up! Factory crimped edges, so there is no popping it open to take out mesh....Unless you physically open it up like a can opener, which im not doing! These are hard to find and not cheap when you do....Once I got it open, I see repairs were made or someone got aggressive with it. So they made a round flange and threaded it on the inside, then threaded the inner pipe/bar that makes it screw back on..(See pics) I know that's not stock...but hey, once its back together you cant tell. Picked up the Kerosene today and will start the cleaning/soak tonight. That canister that holds the mesh was what I had such a hard time getting out!
  5. Kerosene Or Mineral Spirits will get all that old 70+ years of gunk out? You would think they would want you to replace that mesh at some point.
  6. I finally tracked down the correct oil bath air cleaner for my 46 Lincoln. Now my question is, how do I break it down? I can get the bottom can off (That holds the oil and has the oil fill line). Now the top canister that has the decal that says wash filter in Kerosene. How in the world do I open it?!!! I can get it to twist and shift back and forth a 1/4 inch and thats it! What Am I doing wrong? I was told it doesn't come apart????....Then why the decal that says wash filter in Kerosene? I can post pics if needed...
  7. Looking For a usable gas tank for a 46-48 Lincoln. Or has anyone had any luck using something different/universal?
  8. Paul.. Thank you! And John I guess it was. Im learning as I go
  9. Columbia rear end? Or Warner 2 speed? Is there a difference? Or made a difference when hooked up to the Warner 2 speed being a 4:44? Because that was also a chosen option on this car (Warner 2 speed)...... Was it a best of both worlds? Quick take offs in a 4,000 pound car (for the time) and great cruising speed with lower RPM's?
  10. I would love to know who (family) bought it. Not to many could afford these.
  11. OK postwar lincoln lovers.....Help me read this... 1st) Does it say Top material "Blanch" or "Black" 2nd) 4:44 Axle ? Did they order special gearing in the axle? Is that what that means? Talked to a few owners, they didnt know if that was a thing.... 3rd) Edgewater? Would that mean it was made in the Edgewater plant In NJ? Ford Archives told me that they "Think" this is what that mean.... 4th) OHara Motors Inc...??? Anyone know this dealership and state? (Note: I called the one in Mass..It was not est. in 1946) I guess thats it, Thank you!
  12. I will agree with you, to a certain extent. but when it comes to convertibles. example: 1946 with only 201 made in convertibles demand is...well....neither here nor there....But off topic. Any input on the body number issue at hand? That i am lost on....
  13. I thought the "56" in the body tag, was only designated to convertibles